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Where to stay in Penang (Updated 2021)

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Batu Ferringhi Area in Penang (Malaysia)

Have you ever been to Penang?  If not, why don’t you take your backpack and go without hesitating? A trip to Penang will definitely bring to you a lot of cultural experiences as well as beautiful natural sceneries. Besides, there is a wide choice of food and shopping that you should not ignore. However, it would be wise if you learn about hotel booking before departure. Therefore, this article “Where to stay in Penang” will help you to find a suitable place by exploring every area in Penang.

1. Georgetown Area

Georgetown in Penang Malaysia
Georgetown in Penang Malaysia

Georgetown is not only a pedestrian-friendly place but it is also the most bustling destination in Penang. There are many temples covered by a peaceful atmosphere, streets filled with graffiti, colorful pedicabs and many hipster cafes.

Moreover, Georgetown is also “a wonderful treasure for those who love fashion. Here you can find numerous fashion labels from high-end fashion designs to crafts, vintage handmade. Meanwhile, the accommodation is very diverse such as homestay for backpacker, luxurious hotels and so on.

This place is for those who?

  • Visitors who are looking for the scenery of life and life at night.
  • Visitors who want to stay downtown where everything happens.


  • Restaurants and cafes offer many different prices
  • There are many opportunities to visit just by taking a walk
  • There is a variety of hotel types


  • The streets are always crowded with people on weekends and holidays

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2. Batu Ferringhi Area

Batu Ferringhi Area in Penang (Malaysia)
Batu Ferringhi Area in Penang (Malaysia)

Batu Feringghi is a white sand beach. You can widely choose for eating. Moreover, it will not surely too difficult to consider where to stay in Penang when coming to Batu Feringghi Area.

The view at night on Batu Ferringhi beach is the most beautiful in the whole of the island. That is the reason why many local people, as well as tourists, arrive at Batu Ferringhi night market every evening. Besides, the fresh blue sea here is also a fun place which has many sports activities such as parasailing, surf sails. It is extremely perfect for those who are passionate about adventure, right?

Batu Ferringhi's night view

This place is for those who?

  • People who love the sea
  • Visitors who are looking for the scenery of busy nightlife


  • The beach of Batu Feringghi is very clean with blue water
  • The ranks of resorts on the beach are all 5 stars


  • Here, you almost cannot find historical attractions
  • Batu Feringghi is too far from Penang international airport

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3. Gurney Drive Area

Gurney Drive Area in Penang (Malaysia)

Gurney Drive is known as “Persiaran Gurney”. Coming here, you will have much fun and enjoy a lot of delicious seafood.

Being home to a great number of five-star hotels which offer the wonderful view of the sea, the seaside district has many historical sites as well as architectures since the 1800s, especially Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram and Dharmikarama.

Furthermore, this place also has many shopping centers to satisfy the diverse demands and interests of tourists.

This place is for those who?

  • Tourists who love to learn about history as well as scenic sightseeing
  • Tourists who love shopping
  • The rich tourists
  • Tourists who love cuisine and want to enjoy local food and seafood


  • There is a lot of restaurants
  • There are many shopping centers located near each other so you can walk


  • There is a lack of local cultural destinations
  • Mid-range hotel is rare

4. Tanjung Bungah

Tanjung Bungah Area in Penang (Malaysia)

It will take you just a half hour to drive from Georgetown to Tanjung Bungah. Tanjung Bungah is a quiet suburb next to the beach, located between Gurney and Batu Feringghi.

Actually, you will not have many choices for sightseeing and going shopping here. Two unique destinations to visit in Tanjung Bungah are the Floating Mosque and Toy Museum.

However, tourists can also experience a lot of entertainment activities such as playing volleyball, playing soccer on the beach and even going fishing. Having built among beautiful natural sceneries, there are mid-range hotels, resorts next to the sea here. Tanjung Bungah will be an ideal place for those who want to quietly escape from Penang.

This place is for those who?

  • Tourists who have a good income and is rich
  • Family with kids
  • Anyone who loves entertainment activities on the beach and water sports


  • Cafes and restaurants in Tanjung Bungah have reasonable prices


  • Not many historical destinations attract tourists
  • Going shopping as well as life at night in Tanjung Bungah is very quiet that can make you boring
  • It is often difficult for tourists to able to find a hotel saving money

5. Bayan Lepas Area

Bayan Lepas Area In Penang (Malaysia)
Bayan Lepas Area In Penang (Malaysia) (source: jadeland.hk)

Bayan Lepas is a place that has a large number of attractions in Penang such as War Museum, Snake Temple, Penang Aquarium, Orchid garden, hibiscus Bukit Jambul.

In terms of accommodation, tourists can find numerous mid-range hotels located near Penang International Airport. You can come to the airport within only 10 minutes.

Although this place is not as beautiful as other areas in Penang, Bayan Lepas is still a great choice for a holiday with family. Here, you can take part in many vibrant activities, but the most important thing is that you will never go bankrupt to have fun in Bayan Lepas.

This place is for those who?

  • Tourists who love nature and animals
  • Anyone who wants to come to Bayan Lepas to join many entertainment activities
  • Family with kids


  • The restaurants here have reasonable prices
  • Bayan Lepas is near Penang International Airport


  • Not many historical attractions
  • Going shopping as well as life at night in Bayan Lepas is very quiet
  • It is often difficult for tourists to able to find a hotel saving money
  • Bayan Lepas is located far from the town

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Many people like to call Penang the capital of food of Malaysia, at which there are many roadside food stalls that are sometimes better than even the most luxurious restaurants of any city. Perhaps, Penang is especially famous to tourists all over the world, you have many options for your destination plan on the island which is always suitable for your budget. Hopefully, this article “Where to stay in Penang” will help you easily find a place to stay during your holiday in Penang.

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