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Things you need to know about Travel bubbles in Asia

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Traveling is not encouraged and definitely a challenge at this sensitive period of time but it is possible to travel safely and easier than you might think! Find out more information about Travel bubbles in Asia – one way to help you stay out of complicated procedures when your foot is eager to move.

1. What is Travel bubbles?

Travel bubbles are agreements between two or more governments that allow citizens to freely travel from one country to another. If countries believe the transmission of the coronavirus is being successfully controlled, they will usually construct a travel bubble. As a result, people can freely travel within the bubble without quarantine, but they can’t enter from the outside.

2. List of Asia-Pacific countries with confirmed or soon-to-be-confirmed travel bubbles (updating)

2.1. Singapore – Hong Kong

The inaugural flight between Hong Kong and Singapore travel bubble was scheduled for November 22, however, due to a spike in coronavirus cases in Hong Kong, the air bubble has been postponed for at least two weeks.

Other country’s partners of Singapore include China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam. We will update the information once air bubbles are implemented.

Besides, if you wish to visit Singapore at this moment, here are some pieces of information you might want to know:

The Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) and Air Travel Pass (ATP) have been implemented to make travel between Singapore and a number of countries easier.

Below are the differences between RGL and ATP:

Travelers with Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL)Travelers with Air Travel Pass (ATP)
  • RGL is designed for business and official travel
  • .
  • ATP allows non-essential/leisure travelers to enter and exit Singapore
  • RGL travelers must get a COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to departure, as well as a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival and will not be subjected to take 14-day quarantine if the result is negative.
  • ATP travelers are only required to take an on-arrival PCR test and will not be subjected to take 14-day quarantine if the result is negative.
  • The RGL must install TraceTogether app during the stay
  • .
  • The ATP must install TraceTogether app during the stay
  • .

    2.2 Singapore – Malaysia

    With the formation of the RGL and PCA travel schemes, Malaysia and Singapore have struck an agreement. Short-term travel for official purposes and important business for up to 14 days is facilitated under the RGL system. For people with proper work permits, the PCA authorizes cross-border travel.

    2.3. China – South Korea

    Since May 2020, a travel bubble has been in place between China and South Korea. The air bubble permits inhabitants of both nations to travel for business and government purposes after a brief quarantine and negative coronavirus tests in either country.

    2.4. Thailand – China

    Thailand is proposing a no-quarantine travel bubble with China, despite the fact that there is no official travel bubble in effect.

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