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The Market Bangkok Review – A Cool Shopping Mall To Visit

by Mia N

Let’s explore The Market Bangkok and see what is inside this shopping mall.

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1. What you need to know about The Market?

  • Launch day: 14th February 2019
  • Address: 111 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (next to Big C Ratchadamri)
  • Opening hour: 10:00 – 22:00

The Market is a brand new shopping mall opened on Valentine’s Day of 2019. Despite being surrounded by famous shopping centers of Bangkok like the Platinum and Central World, this mall still attracts plenty of people coming every day thanks to its unique architecture, various shopping items and different kinds of entertainment available inside. This mall features more than 1,200 shops selling food, drinks, clothing and more.

How to get there?

As being said, the market is located right beside Central World and near the Platinum. Hence, it is easy to reach this market either from Siam or Chit Lom or Ratchathewei BTS station. However, the best way is that you get off at BTS Chit Lom (the nearest BTS) then take a short walk to The Market.

2. What’s special about The Market?

The first impressive thing you may have about this mall is that arrangement between shops is very opening. Specifically, customers can buy products in this modern center and feel like they are shopping in a real market at the same time. It’s like a traditional shopping experience.

However, this interesting shopping style in The Market is not the only thing attractive about it. You can enjoy different services all in 6 floors of this shopping center:

  • Floor G: Cafe & Eatery
  • Floor M: Fashion & Accessories
  • Floor 1: Fashion & Accessories & Kids zone
  • Floor 2: Gift, Home Decor, Local Souvenirs, Package food, Cosmetics, Bank & Services
  • Floor 3: Restaurants & Street Food zone
  • Floor 4: Spa & Wellness

Here is what we find appealing about this mall:

Two floors full of affordable and varied fashion products

The whole two floor M and floor 1 are dedicated to a wide range of fashion boutiques. Whether you are looking for formal dresses, sporty T-shirts or even pyjamas, The Market has them all. Plus, you can also find beautiful accessories like handbags, clutches and many other fashion products here.

Even though the quality and design are good, this is definitely not a place where you can find high-end clothing. The price is super affordable (the same level with Terminal 21) so if you have intention to renew your closet, go ahead 😀

The Market Bangkok

Not only does it have apparels for adults, The Market has many to offer for kids too. Therefore, you also take your kids along to get them some cute clothes.

A food court with delicious and cheap street food

Floor G and Floor 3 are places with lots of restaurants and fast food stores to recharge energy for shopping. The food court offers you an awesome dining spot with delicious street food at reasonable prices of about 50 Baht per dish. However, it is also very crowded because it is very popular with shoppers. Make sure you don’t go too late because some of the food sell out by around 7.30pm.

The Market's food directory
The Market’s food directory

Stunning cafeteria and restaurants

Some restaurants available at this center are: Pepper Lunch, King Kong, Ringer Hut, Bar-B-Q plaza, Baan Ying (Thai traditional food), Sushi Den…Coffee shops here are quite visually catching. Probably the most popular check-in spot here is a coffee shop named Domo-Kun Café. Designed and set up with colorful painting and a KOI outlet, Domo-Kun is a good place to stop by, check in and order a delicious bubble tea to sip along your shopping way due to its cuteness.

The market's restaurant
The market’s restaurant (source: foodyfoodie.com)

There is also another restaurant that I highly recommend is Bonchon Chicken, where you can eat stunning and delicious Korean Fried Chicken.

Plenty of cosmetics and daily life products

It is easy to buy some make up tools or skincare products on floor 2. Famous brands such as Maybelline or Loreal are all available here. Also, a few shops such as Beauty Buffet, Karmart and Boots can offer a wide range of cosmetics.

Cool relaxation area

The 4th floor is where visitors can have a break after hours of shopping. There are beauty services and a relaxing massage session at Let’s Relax Spa. It is really comfortable and relaxing to get a real Thai massage after a whole shopping trip around. Other than massage, you can enjoy different treatments they offer such as Foot Reflexology, Body Scrub, Thai Herbal Steam Sauna or Floral Bath. The service here makes sure you are relaxed from head to toe with suitable treatment and certified therapists.

3. Nearby spots to visit

  • The Platinum

The Market is just 5 minute-walking from the Platinum, which is a wholesale mall focusing on fashion and accessories. The concept is interesting that each floor of the Platinum is named after famous fashion street around the world such as Orchad, Ginza, Soho, Oxford and Camden. Coming from various high-end brands, everything you need for your closet can be found in this mall. From kids’ wear, adult clothing, sporty oufits to underwear, belt, handbags, hats and cosmetics, all are available for any picky customers.

Most of fashion products displayed and traded in Platinum are similar to those in The Market. However, The Market is newer and offers better shopping experience with plenty of entertainment and relaxing services available.

  • Central World

Connected with The Market through a sky walk is the Central World so this giant mall is a great complement to your shopping trip. Being opened in 2006 with 7 floors, Central World is considered to be one of the biggest malls in Thailand. With more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants and cafes, this ultimate shopping mall is a place you wouldn’t want to miss, especially for high-end and luxury clothings and accessories.

Central world in Bangkok
Central world in Bangkok

On the first three floors, there are fashion shops of famous brands such as Zara, Topshop, Adidas, etc. You can also search for electronic devices on the 4th floor, home furnishing on level 5, kids’ shops on level 6 and restaurants on level 7. This place provides you with great shopping experience for all age level, including ice skating playground, cinema, bookstores, food court and beauty salon as well

  • Big C

In Bangkok alone, there are 7 Big C supermarkets. Among them, Big C Ratchadamri is right next to The Market and attracts many customers coming to purchase common products from Thailand.

This supermarket is a large area with 4 floors bringing different shopping experiences. The first floor is a space for commercial stalls, each small stand is a different brand with diverse items, there are popular fashion items such as Adidas, Zarar, Triumph, leather goods such as footwear, leather purses, leather bags, belts, passport cover services, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, jewelry, fast food restaurants, drinking water, foot massage services, etc.

The 2nd floor is for sale of F&B items such as fruits, cooked food, confectionery and chemical products. The 3rd floor is the area for selling electronic, telephone, stationery, cosmetics, fashion goods, bedding products, etc. A special thing about Big C is that customers are comfortable to shop without having to send their bags outside or stick their purse while shopping.

On the 4th floor are places for dining and entertainment. There is a place where children can play video games and an eating zone as well. The 4th floor has amazing view of luxury restaurants and beautiful design that make your shopping experience more comfortable and relaxing.Besides, products are strictly controlled in terms of quality and the price is also reasonable. That is the reason why it is always crowded in here.

To sum up, The Market is definitely a new breeze as well as a new for all ages due to its combination of unique shopping experience, good food and beauty services. Don’t forget to check out this brand new spot and enjoy your time in the Land of smiles!

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