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4 Stunning Beaches In Krabi To Have Fun During Summer 2021

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Krabi, which is a beautiful coastal province in the south of Thailand – the country of smiles, has many clear blue beaches, white sands, and gentle waves. The majority of tourists traveling to Krabi flock to Phuket island due to its proximity to Phuket, which makes Krabi have fewer visitors than Phuket island. Thanks to that, this coastal city is inadvertently quiet, more peaceful, pleasant, and suitable for elderly guests, families, and those who want to enjoy a gentle and peaceful coastal city.

Here are some stunning beaches in Krabi that you cannot pass up.


Railay Beach (Raileh / Railey) is famous for climbing activities and underwater entertainment. It is divided into two different areas: Railay West and Railay East.

#1: Railay East

Coming to Railay East, a mangrove forest will appear before your eyes. This is an ideal place to let your hair down because resorts have much lower prices than Railay West.

Railay East Beach
Railay East Beach

– What to do at East Railay beach

  • Although you cannot have a great place for swimming in East Railay, it is an ideal beach in Krabi for you to take pictures and sightseeing.
  • Hiking to Railay Viewpoint is the best experience on Railay Beach East because you can observe the entire region at the Railay Viewpoint. It is about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the viewpoint due to some difficulties on the road – the combination of rocks, ropes, tree vines, and steps. But what you experience is worth the effort you spent and I bet this adventure is always kept in your mind.
Railay viewpoint
Railay viewpoint

#2: Railay West

If you are a big fan of swimming and want to immerse yourself in the cool sea-water, let’s come to Railay West. Western Railay Beach is the most famous area of Railay with such wonderful natural scenery that you will want to spend most of your time there. There are also a great number of restaurants and bars along the coast that makes Railay West an ideal entertainment destination.

– What to do at West Railay beach

  • Having some fun activities, soaking in the sea water, building sand castles or rowing.
  • Diving to catch up coral reefs and discover some remnants of wrecked ships.
  • Renting a kayak to explore the bay and nearby beaches. Kaak rental service is available along the beach for around 200 Baht ($7) per hour. Kayak rental owners will keep your bags safe during your getting back to nature.

– Why you should visit Railay Beach

Railay Beach is considered the most beautiful beach not only in Krabi but also in the world.


Ao Phra Nang, which is often called “Ao Nang” by tourists and local residents, takes 20 minutes by taxi or bus from Krabi International Airport and considered one of Krabi’s best beaches. It is the main destination of Krabi. Ao Nang is a wonderful and ideal destination for people who are seeking for peace and adventure activities because of pristine settings, warm sea water as well as pleasant year-round weather.

Ao Nang beach (Krabi)
Ao Nang beach (Krabi)

– What should we do at Ao Nang beach

  • Enjoying the sunset.
  • For adventurers, there are some activities such as kayaking, canoeing and snorkeling.
  • Rock climbing: there are limestone cliffs that create a highlight to the ocean. Guests can take some courses at one of the many schools here to master basic climbing skills.
  • Getting rest at dozens of restaurants, bars, cafes and retail stores alongside the Esplanade strip.

– Why you should visit Railay Beach

Here is the place with the most beautiful sunsets in Krabi’s poetic beaches.


In terms of geography, Tonsai is a private beach located between Ao Nang and Railay West. Going to Tonsai beach is more struggle than going to the other islands in Krabi. However, it is faster to go to Tonsai beach from Railay West. A notice thing for climbing fans is near the coast of Tonsai, there are many vast limestone cliifs surrounding Railay beach, which is perfect to climb. Apparently, Tonsai beach is one of the most deserted beaches in Krabi that make it more attractive and appealing.

– What should we do at Tonsai beach

  • Climbing is the major activity on Tonsai beach. We can climb or enjoy the views as well as watch other people climbing.
  • Taking photos: Tonsai beach offers visitors many awesome viewpoints to take photos.
Climbing rocks at Tonsai
Climbing rocks at Tonsai

– Why you should visit Ton Sai beach

This is one of Thailand’s most famous climbing destinations with huge limestone cliffs. Surely this will be a challenging place with experienced climbers.


Phra Nang Beach, which is also known as the Princess Cave Beach, takes 20 minutes by boat from Ao Nang’s center. It is one of the most special and wonderful beaches in Krabi. A number of caves can be found at the foot of the cliffs and a huge island area close to the beach, creating an incredible and amazing backdrop. Thank to clear water and white sandy, Phra Nang even takes visitors’ attention more than Railay West during high seasons.

Phra Nang beach (Krabi)
Phra Nang beach (Krabi)

– What should we do at Phra Nang beach

  • Cave exploring: shrines full of wooden penises are inside the caves.
  • Swimming, relaxing and enjoying views in clear water, peaceful beach and no distraction from outdoor activities.
  • Climbing: What an amazing feeling when we climb to the rocks and jump into the cool clear sea water.
  • Kayaking and scuba-diving.
  • Eating delicious barbecue and enjoying the famous Thai massage service.

– Why you should visit

If you are in two minds about choosing a suitable place to visit, let’s try Phra Nang – a unique beach among Krabi’s best beaches. You can see amazing views of massive rocks jutting out from the sea, interesting caves and excellent water visibility as well.

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Which beach in Krabi to go swimming and snorkeling?

Railay beach (East & West)

Which beach in Krabi to watch sunset?

Ao Nang beach

Which beach in Krabi for rock climbing?

Tonsai beach

Which beach in Krabi for exploring ccaves and enjoying varied activities?

Phra Nang beach

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