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Songkran Party 2022 In Thailand: A Complete Guide

by Mia N

Songkran, which is known for different names such as the water fight festival or the water gun festival, is one of the hottest events in Thailand thanks to its cool traditions and activities. During Songkran party 2022, people across the nation, especially youngsters rush into the streets and splash water into each other, forming an exciting festival atmosphere that you’d never imagine.

This article is going to shed some light on this one-of-a-kind celebration!

1. Songkran Party Fun Facts

  • Songkran party marks the end of the old year and is the most important public holiday in Thailand .
  • If you happen to visit Thailand during Songkran, you’d better prepare yourself as there is little chance that you can stay dry ^^
  • Songkran is the time for family reunion and pay respect to the elderlies and monks in Thailand.
  • During the festival, there are water fights all across Thailand, especially in the north of the nation as splashing water into people is a way to send off bad luck.
  • In some places, people have a tradition of applying a white powder or chalk onto their faces or necks, which originates from monks using chalk to mark blessings.
  • Big trucks are used to distribute water during the celebration.
  • People in a tuk-tuk often getting soaked.
  • Songkran party is not only celebrated in Thailand but also some other parts of Asia such as Laos, Combodia, Vietnam and China, even though each country has a unique way of celebration.

2. What is Songkran Party?

#1: Songkran meaning

A move” or “a passage” because the celebration is held during the times when the sun changes its position in the zodiac. As the event coincides with the arrival of the New Year, it’s also considered a celebration of Thailand’s New Year.

#2: Songkran origin


Songkran origin is associated with the death of the Buddha Kapila Brahma. Having heard of the cleverness of a boy named Thammabal, the god decided to challenge the boy with a riddle, in which the loser will lose his head. Unfortunately, the boy won and the god had to cut off his head. However, the god’s head would cause disasters if it drops into the ground, ocean, or is thrown into the air. To avoid bad things, one of the 7 daughters of the god, called Nang Songkran, puts their father’s head on a tray to carry and formed a procession Mount Meru every month when the Sun moves to another zodiac.

Over time, the word Songkran has been generalized to refer to the period when the Sun enters Aries, in April. This marks the beginning of the Thai New Year called Maha Songkran (‘great Songkran’). In normal use, people often shorten it into Songkran.

Nowadays, Thai people used to celebrate the Lunar New Year by gathering their beloved family, going to the temples to make merit, and pouring over the statues of Buddha. They also sprinkle water onto their family members and close friends as a way of blessing for the new year. On the street, Thai youngsters celebrate the festival with a massive water fight across the kingdom. This attracts so many locals as well as tourists all over the world.

3. When and how long is Songkran party celebration?

Annually, Songkran party is celebrated nationwide in April and often lasts for 3 days (13rd-15th April). Each day marks a unique time of the year:

APRIL 13 – WAN SANGKHAN LHONG: the last day of the year when the sun is about to go into Aries on the zodiac.
APRIL 14 – WAN NAO OR WAN DA: the transitional day between the old and the new years.
APRIL 15 – WAN PHYA WAN: Thai New Year’s day, a big day for Thai people.

For some cities, this event period can hold longer, for example, Pattaya, Chiang Mai: 7 days. During these days, most Thai people temporarily stopped their business and enjoy the special moment of transition between the old and new year.

4. Will Songkran Party 2022 be canceled?

The government has stated that the Songkran party 2022 would be allowed to take place next month, but that health and safety precautions will be required.

The water festival Songkran may be canceled in 2022 if the Covid pandemic in Thailand cannot be controlled. Specifically, if the number of new infections per day reaches 30,000 cases, Songkran 2022 will be canceled (according to the Department of Disease Control).

Travelers interested in attending Thailand’s Songkran Party in 2022 should keep up with the latest news and announcements from Thailand’s Department of Disease Control.

Songkran in Chiang Mai
Songkran in Chiang Mai

5. Traditions and activities

Each day in the celebration period of Songkran has a different theme, therefore Thai people do different things each day. They clean everything in their houses, even have their sacred Buddha images washed at the temples to send off bad luck in the old year. Also, families reunite to cook, decorate homes, and make sure everything is prepared for the new year. On the big day itself, people do good deeds and go to temples to listen to sermons, then pour water over Buddha statues and other people as a gesture of respect and reverence.

6. Places to celebrate Songkran party

#1: Bangkok

Common places to enjoy music and splash water:

  • Songkran by gCircuit – the biggest Songkran gay party in Asia!
  • S20 Songkran Music Festival
  • G-Spot Songkran Drag Queen Festival
  • Songkran SO pool party
  • Wet & Wild Songkran Festival

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#2: Pattaya

Pattaya is a southeast city in Thailand and the distance from Bangkok to Pattaya is about 148km. It is not only a beautiful seaside city famous for its green beaches, white sand, and straight coconut trees but also a perfect place to enjoy the water gun festival.
Songkran party in Pattaya is locally known as “Wan Lai”, which literally means “the flowing day”. Unlikely other destinations which perform this fest from April 13th to 15th, Songkran 2021 in Pattaya will be lasting for a week from 13th to 19th April.

Below are our recommended places to join Wan Lai in Pattaya:

  • Beach Road
  • Soi 6, 7, 8 and Soi Bukkhao
  • Pattya international music festival
  • FFlic Cliff & Pool Club
  • Planet Earth Beach Club

Check our guide on things to do and places to have fun during Songkran in Pattaya for more cool stuff to do.

#3: Chiang Mai

Below are some great places with corresponding events in Chiang Mai:

  • Three Kings Monument: traditional parade and events such as Miss Songkran election.
  • Charoenmuang Road (near the Narawat Bridge): Songkran procession with Buddha statues carried through the streets.
  • Tha Pae Gate or Maya Mall: water splash, foam machines, DJs playing music and street stalls selling every weapon you may want.

#4: Phuket

  • Patong beach

#5: Koh Samui

  • Chaweng Beach

7. Dos and Don’ts

As the water fight festival is the grandest event in Thailand, the number of locals and tourists joining it is huge. This may result in some unexpected incidents, hence, you’d better get the hang of these basic rules to protect yourself and avoid violating the regulation of the government.

  • Pour water from the neck of the Buddha statue, not the head.
  • Leave your valuable things at home or put them in a zip-lock bags so they won’t get wet.
  • Wear sunblock (waterproof sunblock is the best) as Songkran takes place in the hottest time of the year.
  • Learn some phrases and grateful sentences in Thai to communicate with locals, for example “Sawasdee-pee mai” (Happy New Year)
  • Don’t use equipment banned by the Thai government to shoot water at other people. Use common tools such as buckets or lighter water guns.
  • Don’t rub someone’s head, touch or hug the monks.

Find out more dos and don’ts guides for the Songkran party 2022 to enjoy the event to the fullest.

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