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Must-try restaurants in Siem Reap 2021

by jemi

Cambodia is warm year-round with high heat and humidity (especially from March to May). This is the reason why Cambodians cooked their food with oily ingredients in order to reserve longer. I’m not a big fan of oily food, but Cambodian cuisine totally suits me. Today I want to write reviews for some must-try restaurants in Siem Reap (also mentioned in my 2 days in Siem Reap itinerary), also my favorite dishes with price included. Hope you don’t have to wonder where to eat in Siem Reap after reading this post.

1. Khmer Food & BBQ Restaurant

Location: Khmer Food & BBQ
Opening hours: 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Price range: 2-10 USD for food and 1-3 USD for drink
Recommend: Beef Salad (3 USD)

At the first night landing in Siem Reap, I went to Angkor Night Market and also visited Pub Street, there are a lot of options for local restaurants here but I chose Khmer Food & BBQ because it’s just right in front of me when I think I really need to have dinner 🙂 But it was not a bad choice, not at all.


And I really recommend you to choose the Beef Salad (3 USD) and it was really delicious with perfectly marinated spices, very soft beef and some herbs mixed together to increase the flavor. I’m not sure what kind of aromatic vegetables are available, but one of them may be green starfruit, which makes me quite surprised because I don’t think they can be mixed so well.
So yes! I highly recommend you to try this!


I also ordered another dish: Noodle stirred with Chicken. It was not so bad but pretty oily to me but I finished it anyways 😀


For drinks, you can choose Smoothies, Soda and Beers which almost all convenient restaurants in Siem Reap have. I haven’t tried drinks in other restaurants in Siem Reap (of course, that night is my first night) but I can say, they prepared very carefully.

2. Khmer Taste Restaurant

Location: Sok San Rd, Krong Siem Reap 17252, Cambodia (Google Map)
Opening hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price: 2-6 USD for food and 1-3 USD for drink
Recommend: Beef Luk Lak (3 USD) + Shrimp Salad (2.5 USD)
* They will give you 1 bottle of water for free (so in case you want order water then you don’t have to 🙂
* A little long time waiting after ordered

I heard that Siem Reap – Cambodia is famous for Amok (a fish cooked dish served along with white rice) but beef and every dish for beef is also a must-try. You can find Khmer Taste restaurant along with an array of convenient restaurants which served local Siem Reap food.


I did come back this restaurant 2 times (yes, I want to emphasize, 2 times in my trip) because their food is extremely delicious:

# Beef luk-lak – A must-try of Siem Reap cuisine:

Beef Luk Lak – Traditional Food in Cambodia

The sauce was created perfectly to eat with or without boiled rice, beef was cut in perfect shape to eat in one bite, fresh and well-cooked. The boiled rice was so cute with heart shape ^^

# Shrimp Salad

I got surprised with this dish too. The taste is little sour but it was a perfectly sour for salad, shrimp is fresh:


Drink: As another restaurant in Siem Reap, you can choose among Smoothies (a little bit more expensive than smoothies sold by street-stands but all is fresh), Beers, and Cocktails too.

3. The Red Angkor Restaurant

Location: Peace Road, Steung Thmey Village, Svay Dangkum District, Krong Siem Reap 17252, Cambodia
Opening hours: 7:00 AM to 0:00 AM
Price: 1-10 USD for food and 0.5-3 USD for drinks (Find the menu here)
Recommend: Amok + Unriped Mango Salad

I was impressive with Beef Luk Lak because before coming to Cambodia, I did not think that Cambodian cuisine can suit my taste that much, I was curious about another local restaurants how the taste of Beef Luk Lak will be. So I decided to go to another convenient restaurant (in same street with Khmer Taste) and try some Beef dish:

The Red Angkor Restaurant in Siem Reap – Asiawander

They also have Beef Luk Lak and the taste was good too! But if you intend to try Beef Luk Lak, I will recommend you to choose #Khmer Taste Restaurant.

# Beef Luk Lak at The Red Angkor Restaurant

Beef Luk Lak at The Read Angkor Restaurant (Siem Reap) – Asiawander

# Unriped Mango salad was not bad with so many herbs mixed very well:

Unriped Mango salad at The Read Angkor Restaurant (Siem Reap) – Asiawander

I ordered one more dish, ” Mixed fruit salad ” but I don’t recommend you to try this because the fruits seems to be reserved in the fridge for long time, the taste was weird as it should not be.

4. Desserts in Siem Reap (Cambodia)

You can find a lot of good desserts in Cambodia, and as the weather was hot in the time I traveled, I also choose something cool and all is so good. To read more about each dessert, also the location, you can find a detailed guideline here: BEST DESSERTS IN SIEM REAP 2021 (2 DAYS IN SIEM REAP)

  • Ice blended with fresh fruit at The Khmer Time
  • Rolled ice-cream at a hundred stand-stall at Angkor Night Market
  • Smoothies and smoothies in a stand-stall at all street, especially neat Angkor Night Market
  • Ice cream at Gelato Lab (and checkin at Umbrella Lined Street)
  • Ice cream and coffee at The Blue Pumpkin

Hope you will have some useful tips to explore Siem Reap Cambodian cuisine. Besides that, do not forget to visit some cannot-miss destination such as Watching Angkor Wat Sunrise and Visiting Angkor Complex


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