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Pattaya Walking Street 2021 (Price included)

by jemi

Pattaya is not only a beautiful seaside city, famous for its green beaches, white sand, and straight coconut trees, but it is also known as the “ghost town” with a lot of exciting activities at night. One of the most popular attractions in Pattaya is Pattaya Walking Street. This is also one of the most famous Thai walking streets.

Walking Street of Pattaya is tranquil with souvenir stands or handicrafts during the daytime and it becomes lively and bustling with street food stalls and hot, bold shows at night. Seemingly, Walking Street is a venue that gives you an unforgettable experience when traveling to Pattaya.

0. TRAVEL RESTRICTION – Pattaya Thailand 2021

Pattaya Thai travel guidelines vary regularly according to the current circumstances worldwide. To check whether or not you are allowed or restricted to travel Thailand, you can check your status on Booking.com.

Make sure you check Thailand’s travel restrictions before planning if you want to visit Daegu.

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Surely you will be confused: How to get to Walking Street when visiting Pattaya for the first time. Some of the following will help you to arrive at Walking Street in Pattaya easily.

#1 Rent a bike:

Price: 200-300 THB per day (it depends on your negotiating skills – last time I only can bargain with 300 THB per day)
How to rent: this is one of the popular small businesses in Pattaya for tourists so you can easily find a rental shop, they will only ask your hotel name with room number and 1,000 THB for a deposit (depends on the shop) and this money can be cash back after you return the bike.

I highly recommended you to rent a bike for going around Pattaya city if you stayed here for more than a day. Also please note that a bike can only carry 2 people in maximum. It will be really proactive for you to quickly move around, no more waiting, no more bargain whenever you want to move to another destination.

By Google Maps, you can get to Walking Street without any adversities and just leave the bike near the sidewalk with many other bikes parked there, it is safe for you to walk around and come back to take later.

Rental Bike - popular service in Pattaya for moving around
Rental Bike – a popular service in Pattaya for moving around

#2 Grab-bike / Grab car:

In my experience, the cost of riding by Grab here in Pattaya city is pretty expensive and it takes a long time to wait for me – it made me feel that there is very few Grab car available here. However, the plus point is, you can estimate the cost in advance and no bargain is required.

#3 Taxi:

A small tip for taxi: It would be wise to wave the car which is running on the road because it will be easier to pay than taxi parking at the curb whose driver will scream exorbitant price. Especially, once you had bought tickets for the show in Walking Street before the driver shouts high prices, you should consider carefully whether to go or not.

#4 Riding by Songthaew (Tuk-tuk)

This is one of the most popular transportation you could find on every road in Pattaya. Riding by a Songthaew can help you save up on costs but will take more of your time to negotiate with the driver.

Songthaew – one of the most popular transportation in Pattaya


One of the most important tips for you is whether you take a taxi or a tuk-tuk, you should only pay 20 baht – 50 baht per person and 100 baht – 200 baht for a group including 5 -6 people. Do not pay more than this and remember to fix the price with the driver before going otherwise you will have trouble as most drivers here can speak English and they usually shout the price 1.5 – 2 times higher than the meter by the metered car.


Walking Street Pattaya is the biggest and busiest party hotspot in Thailand. Walking Street is effectively a part of Pattaya Beach Road, located on Soi 13 -16 South Pattaya.

In fact, Walking Street Pattaya opens all day of the week from daytime to nighttime. In the daytime, it is a market dedicated to souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, and pictures. When the night falls, the street is closed for pedestrians only. Although it opens for the whole day, Walking Street nightlife is extremely lively, noisy, and hot. You will need at least a full night to enjoy all the unique and exciting features of Pattaya Thai Walking Street.

Walking Street in Pattaya at night – Asiagofun


Referred to as a “Sleepless Road” of Pattaya Beach Road, Walking Street will not make you disappointed with many international restaurants, street food stalls, modern nightclubs and bars – a fascinating stop for tourists enjoying the parties, and many leisure activities, especially ladyboy shows that really impresses tourists.

#1 Food:

At some first minutes of walking at Thai Walking Street Pattaya, you will see mainly bars, clubs, and restaurants. Food stalls are available at the entrance but I think it is more expensive than normal (compared with some other night markets in Pattaya and in Thailand in general). However, if you walk until the end of the road, you will see a busier market with a diversity of traditional foods.

You can stop by some stalls around Walking Street to take some street food here. Once walking down the sidewalk, you will not afraid of hunger because of a variety of snacks such as insects fried crispy, skewers, grilled squid, grilled octopus, noodles, etc. One of the most special dishes here is Pad Thai-style street food. It is called like that because it will have different colors and tastes if you eat at restaurants.

Night market at the end of Walking Street road in Pattaya (2019)

Besides street food stalls, international restaurants are premium centrally located inside Walking Street with expensive prices, of course. Different restaurants provide high-quality Thai, French, Italian, American, Russian and Indian cuisine. Some of the good restaurants are Anytime Café Pattaya serving western food, King Seafood Pattaya with a huge menu of reasonably-priced dishes, La Notte Pub and Restaurant with extensive wine and cocktails menu, and many other famous restaurants.

Explore more local food destinations in Pattaya: 3 STREET FOOD DESTINATIONS IN PATTAYA

#2 Bar:

Getting to Walking Street with your friends, there is no reason why you and your group friend resist the attraction of bars around Walking Street. Pattaya Walking Street bars are somewhat notorious for their attentive waitresses who are always happy to keep playing Connect 4 with you, especially if you keep buying beverages every time you lose (almost losing every time).

Colorful bars and nightclubs in Pattaya at night (2019)

Besides hundreds of bars like that, there are plenty of others with a friendly atmosphere in which male guests or female guests are always welcome for a few laughs and a few drinks. Some of the bars also have live music, serve some food and shisha. Somewhere on Walking Street, there will be a bar which is suitable for you. Here are some well-known bars on Thai Walking Street Pattaya which you should try to experience when visiting Pattaya.

1. What’s Up A-Go-Go:

What’s Up A-Go-Go is one of the most expensive clubs in Walking Street Pattaya. It attracts people by the combination of interesting shows, good music, and a great layout of its stages. Even throughout the low season, the number of tourists coming here does not decrease much. This bar offers local beers, soft drinks with the prices of about 185 baht, spirits from 215 baht, and lady drinks at 250 baht each.

Opening hours: 20:00 – late
Location: 103/11 – 14 Moo 10, Walking Street Soi 15, South Pattaya

2. Baccara A Go Go:

Baccara is a unique and fascinating space. The atmosphere here is very intimate, stylish. It has two floors: The ground floor offers go-go dancing stage where the girls wear bikinis and dance. On the second floor where the girls dress up in “schoolgirl” uniforms and dance on a transparent floor.  

Location: Next to Abe’s Bar, near Soi BJ, Walking Street, South Pattaya

3. The Iron Club Pattaya:

The Iron Club is one of the most famous Go-Go bars on Walking Street, with attractive interactive shows. Although the bar is quite narrow, it is very long with comfortable benches. You will usually find it packed at all times. Moreover, you can enjoy coyote girls dancing on two main stages. The prices of drinks are also quite expensive, bottled beers and spirits from 160 baht, lady drink around 155 baht. Luckily, the draught beer price is very reasonable at 85 baht.

Opening hours: 20:00 – late
Location: Opposite Soi 15, Walking Street, South Pattaya

4. Airport Club:

The special thing is that Airport Club is designed as a real plane. As everyone wants to experience this unique bar so Airport Club is usually crowded with people, even its space is not often available enough around the central stage near the door. Despite that, there is more space back towards the bar.

Opening hours: 15:00 – late
Location: Next to The Iron Club, opposite Soi 15, Walking Street, South Pattaya

5. Alcatraz:

Alcatraz seems to be one of the biggest and most successful go-go bars and nightclubs on Walking Street Pattaya. Here tourists can be impressed by a unique prison theme on the second floor of the bar. Moreover, you can find a bar area on the upper level which is a VIP area for watching shows on the ground floor and private parties. Alcatraz offers soft drinks, lady drinks, especially you can get deals on draft beer from 20:00 to 22:00.

Opening hours: 20:00 – 3:00
Location: 113/2-4 Moo 10, Walking Street, South Pattaya

#3 Ladyboy Show:

In Walking Street Pattaya there is a “special dish” that makes it known as “Ghost town”. That is the hot cabaret show on the street and in bars, of which the most famous are Pattaya Alcazar Show and Pattaya Tiffany Show.

1. Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya:

Alcazar Carabet Show in Pattaya

Address: At Alcazar Theatre, 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road with a capacity of over 1200 seats with modern architecture and a state-of-the-art lighting system.

Opening hours: Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya is performed almost every day of the week with the time of performances including 17:00; 18:30; 20:00 and 21:30.

The Alcazar Cabaret Show will definitely attract you right from the first moment. You’ll experience the magic of Alcazars state-of-the-art computerized lighting system and be dazzled by the effects of its Circle surrounding the sound DTS system. However, that’s just the beginning, be prepared to be entertained in grand style by over 400 charming and talented ladyboys. There are 17 performances and the duration of each performance is about 70 minutes.

All these talented artists and entertainers can blend the art of acting, stage design, costumes & the sequence of these spectacular shows so well to impress every one of all ages. Overall, Alcazar is a must to visit for both local & foreign visitors.

Ticket price: 499 baht for a regular seat and 599 for VIP.

2. Tiffany Show Pattaya:

Besides Alcazar Show, Tiffany Show Pattaya is a good choice to enjoy cabaret performances of hot ladyboys.

Address: At Tiffany Theatre, 464 Moo 9, Pattaya 2nd Road. Differ from Alcazar Carabet Show.

Opening hours: The show is held all days of the week with the time of performances including 18:00; 19:30; 21:00. Tiffany Show has 13 performances with the duration of each performance about 75 minutes. Moreover, the difference is that the repertoire of the Tiffany Show is relatively more “in-depth” and more narrative than those shown in the Alcazar Show.

Ticket price: about 900 baht, more than Alcazar Show.

Tiffany Show Pattaya – Ticket Office

In terms of content, both of the shows are all cabaret performances, mixed with hot and flaming ladyboys. Along with that is the transformation in costumes with all kinds of costumes from many different countries. Especially, Pattaya ladyboy is gorgeous makeup. Although the purchase prices for both of the shows are expensive, there is always a “fire ticket”. To avoid having to pay too much for tickets and to save money, you should book at least a few days in advance. Additionally, you can also book online in your countries so that you just need to take a taxi to the theatre and enjoy the show with no worries. If you cannot get tickets for both shows, do not be sad as the bars in Walking Street also offer Pattaya night shows although the scale is much smaller but equally vibrant.

#4 Game: 2Sky Rocket Ball Pattaya

Price: 1,200 THB per 2 people and Optional: 250 THB for Full HD recorded video of the whole activity

This game is made by Technical Park Company (Italy) – one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, so it fully complies with world standards for quality and safety.

The 2 Sky Rocket Ball consists of a steel ball attached to two special strands connected to the two towers, launched into the air, and accelerated from 0 to 100kph in a second.

Therefore this game is definitely not for those who have a weak heart. After soaring into the sky, you will continue to jump down and up for about 4 minutes until the steel ball stops. Sitting inside the sphere, you will be able to experience the full range of emotions that only real experience can feel.


In order to save time to get to Walking Street, most of the tourists stay at hotels near here. The following will offer some good hotels near Walking Street.

Easy to check the price and availability on Agoda.com and Booking.com when you plan your trip to Pattaya.

#1 Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa:

Location: 0.5km from Thai Walking Street Pattaya
The price: about 90 USD

Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa is a peaceful resorts hotel offering a calm and peaceful place with two hundred and seventy rooms. This hotel is very suitable for those who want to relax and have a view of the local attraction. Siam Bayshore provides rooms with perfect facilities, clean bedding, and decorated green gardens.

#2 Balihai Bay Hotel:

Price: 68 USD

When staying at Balihai Bay Hotel, it will take you just 15 minutes to walk to Pattaya Walking Street. Moreover,The price at Balihai is less than Siam Bayshore. The hotel is featured amenities including complimentary newspapers in the lobby, laundry services, and free car park.

#3 Sea Me Spring Too Hotel:

Location: 0.4 kilometers far from Walking Street Pattaya
Price: about 50 USD

If you want to stay near the sea, Sea Me Spring Too Hotel will be a good choice for you. Not only is the price quite cheap, but you can also enjoy the sea atmosphere when staying here. Additionally, tourists can have use laundry services, elevator and “pickup” service from the airport.

#4 Grand Hotel Pattaya:

Location: 0.2 kilometers from here
Price: 38 USD

This is a three-star beach resort near Walking Street. Therefore, once you are out of the hotel, you will see the lively Walking Street.

#5 P.72 Hotel:

Price:  25 USD

P.72 Hotel is conveniently located within Pattaya Walking Street. It offers three room types. All of them are large and designed with contemporary furnishings and basic amenities.

There are many options of staying near Walking Street for you such as W14 Pattaya, Diamond Beach Hotel, Encore Walking St. Guesthouse with many different levels of prices and comfort.

Hope these shares of Walking Street in Pattaya will somewhat help you to have an unforgettable trip with your friends and your family.


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