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10 Must-Eat Places In Bangkok (Updated 2021)

by Mia N
Thipsamai restaurant

You might hear about lots of Thai food places in the dining capital of Thailand, however, which one should you choose to enjoy best food in Bangkok if you don’t have plenty of time in this city?
In this article we provide you with top 10 must-visit places to have excellent eating experiences, ranging from common street stalls with popular Bangkok street food at affordable prices to famous Thai food restaurants with well-prepared and luxury meals that will lighten up your trip.

1. Soei

Being special due to its one-and-only chef P’Soei, this restaurant is one of the most favorite Bangkok Thai restaurants voted by tourists. At P’Soei, the owner-chef prepares every order himself to ensure the flavor is at its best when served, so you might have to wait longer than you expected. But once you take the first bite, it worths every minute of waiting.
You should not miss Mackerel curry, Thai shrimp salad, Tom Yum,…when visiting this place!

Mackerel Curry at Soei
Mackerel Curry at Soei
  • Price: 90 to 450 baht
  • Opening hours: 11.30 – 22.00 (except Saturday)
  • Address: At the corner of Phibun Whatthana Yaek 6 street and Rama VI Soi 34, Moo Baan Piboon Whatthana

2. Thip Samai

Thip Samai is said to be not only one of the best places to eat Thai food but also a restaurant which offers the best Pad Thai in Bangkok (read a very detailed review of Pad Thai by BCC).

The ingredients used are not only fresh but also cooked on charcoal heat to have a smoky flavor, which makes this place a must-come restaurant. You can try Original Pad Thai, Superb Pad Thai or Pad Thai sen jang man goong and don’t hesitate to order their famous bottled orange juice that is delivered fresh from the countryside!

  • Price: 50 to 70 baht
  • Opening hours: 17.00 – 1.00
  • Address: 313 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon

3. P’aor

It is undeniable that Tom Yum is a traditional Thai food you shouldn’t miss in Bangkok. If you want a huge portion of Tom Yum noodles with a creamy, spicy flavor with pieces of big, fat shrimp, then there is nowhere more suitable than P’aor restaurant, which is considered one of the places with best Tom Yum in Bangkok.
P’aor also serves you many different dishes other than Tom Yum such as crab sauce rice and shrimp popia.

  • Price: 50 to 699 baht
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00 (except Monday)
  • Address: 68/51 Soi Phetchaburi 5, Phetchaburi Road

4. Jay Fai restaurant

Jay Fai is a Michelin restaurant in Bangkok (read about Jay Fai restaurant’s award).
The owner of this restaurant, chef Jay Fai learned how to cook since she was 8 and has been cooking almost every dish at the eatery since it was opened more than 50 years ago. She is well-known for her special food like drunken noodles, crab omelet and stir-fried noodles.

Although the price there is 3 times more expensive than other restaurants in Bangkok and the service can be slow, it doesn’t stop the crowd from coming there and excitedly enjoying at least one meal as this famous restaurant offers one of the best fine dining in Bangkok. Once you taste the dish, it is totally worth every baht you pay.

  • Price: 200 to 800 baht
  • Opening hours: 16.00 – 1.00 (except Sunday)
  • Address: 327 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon ( not so far from Thip Samai Restaurant)

5. Krua Ov

For those who want to have a royal Thai dish, Krua Ov should be the first name to cross your mind.
This cool restaurants in Bangkok is best known for Khao Chae, a mixture of jasmine water and icy jasmine rice with side dishes such as deep-fried green chili stuffed with minced pork, shredded pork and shrimp kapi balls. The chefs are able to combine ingredients altogether to create a delicious meal that can’t be described by words!

  • Price: 20 to 150 baht
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 20.30
  • Address: 199 Thanon Pichai, Kwang, Nakhon Chaisi, Kate Dusit

6. The Sixth

Owning a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with only five tables, The Sixth is a little place with only 5 tables and decorated in a hippie style. Many couples find this a quiet place to enjoy meals instead of going to crowded restaurants, where they have to struggle to find a seat.

The menu of The Sixth includes many authentic Thai food such as red curry with prawnsTom Yum Koongchicken cashew nuts and a wide range of desserts, especially mango sticky ricechocolate lava cake or great Thai iced tea.
We can confidently say that The Sixth is one of good places to eat in Bangkok and an ideal place for couples to visit and enjoy their meals.

  • Opening hours: 10.30 – 17.30 (except Tuesday and Sunday)
  • Address: 6 Soi Tha Tien, Maharaj Road

7. Wattana Panich

Wattana Panich is also one of must-eat places in Bangkok.
Thai beef noodles is the dish that makes this restaurant famous throughout more than 60 years of operation.

There are only 2 main dishes available in the menu, which are beef stew and goat stew. The broth is cooked inside a huge-size pan and has a wonderful aromatic Chinese spicy taste thanks to a long period of boiling. For each dish, you have your own choices of noodles: flat (sen yai), medium size (sen lek) or hair-thin (sen mee), but you can order steam rice if you like.
For dessert, they serve coconut ice cream to balance the flavor and you should try for sure!

  • Price: 80 to 200 baht
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 21.00
  • Address: 336 Ekkamai Alley 18, Thanon Sukhumvit, Watthana

8. Krua Apsorn

This restaurant offers you the best crab omelet of Bangkok which is a perfect combination of juicy texture and lots of flavors. You can also find some delicious Bangkok Thai food such as green curry chicken and fish cakes in this place, they are all very tasty.

However, Krua Apsorn is not usually visited by tourists but mostly Thais and expats living in Bangkok, so the staffs are not used to talking to foreigners. Therefore, it’s better for you to come with a translator or a local to help you with the order.

  • Price: 90 to 400 baht
  • Opening hours: 10.30 – 22.00 (except Sunday)
  • Address: 503 Samsen Road

9. Chinatown

Here is a famous Thai food market: Chinatown , one of best places to eat street food in Bangkok with various choices of Thai street food and Thai Chinese food.

Coming to Chinatown, you can experience in a paradise of seafood, Pad Thai, satay, noodles, fried rice, curry, crispy duck, Thai street snacks and different kinds of soup. Many street stalls and small restaurants will treat you well with a lot of delicious dishes mixed between Thailand and Chinese cuisine.

Here are top 10 famous restaurants and food carts you should visit when you are in Chinatown:

  1. Rut & Lek seafood
  2. T&K seafood
  3. Cotton restaurant (Shanghai Mansion Hotel)
  4. Krua Porn Lamai
  5. Kuay Jab Nai Huan
  6. Odean crab noodle soup
  7. Jok Kitchen
  8. Raan Look Khing
  9. Hua Seng Hong
  10. Himali Cha Cha
  • Opening hours: All day, but best in the evening
  • Address: Yaowarat Street

10. Chatuchak Market

Not only is Chatuchak a place to go shopping but it is also a great night food market in Bangkok. Particularly, with more than 500 stalls ready to serve best cheap eats in Bangkok, there is no doubt to say that this is one of the best places to enjoy BKK street foodthat can satisfy both locals and tourists.
At Chatuchak, you are only a few steps far from your next bite and here is the list of must-eat dishes and cheap Thai food to try when you are at Chatuchak market:

  1. Coconut ice cream
  2. Grilled Honey Roast Pork
  3. Garlic bread
  4. Chicken noodle soup
  5. Ice stick
  6. Choconana (chocolate banana)
  7. Red ruby
  8. Paella
  9. Toasted bread snack
  10. Orange juice
  11. Grass jelly
  12. Mango sticky rice: a street food Thai people love so much!
  13. Ice manias
  14. Teh Tarik
  15. Papaya salad
  • Opening hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays: 07:00 – 18:00 (Plant sections only)
  • Fridays: 18:00 – 24:00
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 09:00 – 18:00

Hopefully where to eat in Bangkok will no longer be a hard question for you with these 10 Thai food places. If you have difficulty in choosing best Thai food to enjoy out of varied dishes above, let find out about our recommended list of must-eat food in Bangkok.

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