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Koh Phi Phi 2022 – Travel tips with low budget

by jemi

Where do you want to go when the pandemic is eased? People flock to Thailand islands in 2022 for reasons. Let us introduce Koh Phi Phi (Ko Phi Phi) – one of the most famous and attractive islands and a detailed travel guideline with price and tips.

1. Essential expenses for Koh Phi Phi trip:

1.1. Accommodation prices:

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most expensive islands in Thailand. Dormitory rooms start from 300 THB and private rooms from 675 THB.

1.2. Hotel Prices:

Mid-range hotels have an average price of around 1,000 to 1,855 THB for a double room with air conditioning. For deluxe rooms, the price is sky-high. Besides, you can find single-storey houses for as low as 800 THB during the off-season.

Our suggestion is to go to hotel booking sites and book rooms about 3 months in advance. Thus, you will easily find hotels with the desired price.

Booking.com | Agoda.com | Airbnb.com

1.3. Average food expenses:

The cheapest food is in Tonsai village. 

  • The open-air restaurants near the sea have dishes for 35 to 70 THB.
  • Western food is expensive at 850 THB. 
  • Near the sea and in town, meals will start from 170 THB for local dishes. Phi Phi Market also has the lowest prices for seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

1.4. Transportation Fees:

There are no taxis or buses in Phi Phi, so you will have to walk or bike around the island. Traveling between the islands is best done by longtail boat, which costs about 250 to 400 THB per hour.

Kayak tour at Koh Phi Phi
Kayak tour at Koh Phi Phi

2. Travel tips to Koh Phi Phi island with a low budget:

Getting cheap drinks at Tiger Bar: Head to Tiger bar between midnight and 10 am for a free bucket of Sang Som whiskey, red bull, and soft drinks.

Working for bars: Many bars will give you free drinks if you spend a couple of hours here handing out flyers that afternoon.

Doing bargain: Our experience of going to Koh Phi Phi is always bargaining with local sellers for food or any services. Especially if you are going to rent a longtail boat, make sure you negotiate with the owner; the price is definitely higher than usual.

Going with a group when renting a boat: If you want to see Ko Phi Phi Leh or other islands, then form a group to go together and share a longtail boat. If you split evenly between 4 people or more, the price will be cheaper than an organized tour.

Eating in Tonsai: Eat at Tonsai village instead of on the beach. The restaurants with the sea in front are usually more expensive, but the food quality is almost the same.

Going in low season: If you travel from May to October, you won’t be hit in high season. So you’ll be able to save a bit, though it’ll probably rain a lot.

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