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Koh Phi Phi nighlife: exciting parties to enjoy in 2022

by Mia N

Besides cool rooftop and town bars, do you know the Phi Phi islands are also famous for varied beach parties?
This article is dedicated to point out those nightlife hot spots. You definitely don’t want to miss this.


Pool parties are a great method for enjoying in the day with friends and meeting new people in Koh Phi. On the times of the pool party, there is a free section as long as you purchase a beverage. Princess Pool Party is each Friday and Ibiza Pool Party is each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Princess resort pool
Princess resort pool


A boat party is a must-do for anybody coming to Phi to mingle and enjoy Koh Phi Phi nightlife. The best party boats are the Blanco’s Party Boat and Captain Bob’s Booze voyage. To take part in the music yet you are not that tremendous on drinking then, at that point, Pirate Boat has additionally an enthusiastic air as a general rule.


The party focal of Koh Phi Phi is no doubt the ocean side in Loh Dalum Bay. During the day a pleasant spot for some kayaking and unwinding, yet around evening time the greatest fire show frenzy on the island.

Loh Dalum Bay koh phi phi
Loh Dalum Bay in Koh Phi Phi

There is no section charge to pay to have fun, however it is well mannered to purchase essentially a brew in the bar and leave a few hints for the fire young men. Aside from the fire show, you can appreciate fun games like jumping rope, limbo, a game of seat juggling and other senseless (yet extremely entertaining) antics. The ocean side is about bourbon containers, free shots, fluorescent paint, clearly music and loads of tomfoolery. The bars are for the most part close to one another so you can blend with the group and dance your night away in the sand.

Here are some places where you can enjoy the feature of Koh Phi Phi nightlife, which are exciting beach parties: Slinky’s, Moonlight bar, Stones bar, Blanco’s, Apache beach bar.

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