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KOH PHI PHI: Is It Worth Visiting In 2022?

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1. All you need to know about Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi – known as the jewel of Asia, has been the new pride of Thai people and become one of Thailand’s most famous spots. When mentioning Koh Phi Phi, people see the stunning turquoise water, fabulous beaches, and beautiful cliffs that are suitable for diving, climbing, and snorkeling. Phi Phi islands include 6 islands of different sizes and each has its own beauty. Every experience on each island will bring different memories.

Six islands of Koh Phi Phi

Six islands of Koh Phi Phi
Six islands of Koh Phi Phi
  • Koh Phi Phi Don: Located off the coast of Phuket, Koh Phi Phi Don is a large archipelago that is famous for tourism activities. Tourists come here to enjoy one of the cleanest beaches in the world and treat themselves to some interesting entertainment they can have on this beautiful island.
  • Koh Phi Phi Leh: This small island lies in the South and it also the place appears on the movie “The Beach”. Next to it is Maya Bay, which attracted a lot of visitors coming to enjoy the view and the sea. However, this beach has underwent closure until 2021 to restore its environment. Please bear in mind this information and pick another places to visit instead of Maria Bay.
  • Koh Mai Phai (Bamboo Island): Small as it is, this island still a perfect destination for couples because not only does it have beautiful beaches but it also owns a poetic and romantic beauty that cannot be denied.
  • Koh Yung (Mosquito Island): It is located in the north of Koh Phi Phi Don, also known as a paradise of colorful corals and an ideal place for those who love diving.
  • Koh Bida Nok & Bida Nai Island (Khai Nok & Khai Nai): All the huge and bulky stones with unique shapes are specific traits of these places. The vertical cliffs go up from under the sea will attract tourists who love adventure and hazardous activities.

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2. What to do in Koh Phi Phi?

Despite Koh Phi Phi’s small size and the fact that there are no cars or roads here, there are still so many things that keep you busy here.

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#1: Relaxing at the beach

Phi Phi itself is home to several fabulous beaches, and you can treat yourself walking through peaceful beachside while watching the sunset, or swimming in the sea is also a good way to relax. The most famous beach you can visit is Maya Bay and due to its reputation, this place is crowded with tourists from everywhere. But don’t worry, if you can get up early and visit it when the sun has not come up, the sight will make you surprised.

In 2021, Maya Bay is temporarily closed for tourists due to the over-tourism over the past years.

Updated 2022: Maya Bay is opening for tourists for the first time in more than 3 years!

Source: Cnn.com
Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi
Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi

In case you want to find a quiet place, try Phak Nam Bay. It is a small bay with only one resort and a fishing village. Located on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, getting here is not really difficult since you can choose to walk or take a longtail boat. Another peaceful beach in Koh Phi Phi is Laem Tong Beach at the northern end of Phi Phi Don and it can only be reached by boat. Not so far from here, you can find great snorkeling spots in Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, and Hin Klang.

For those who prefer somewhere vibrant and crowded, Maya Bay and Loh Dalum Bay are perfect choices. There are limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches which attract plenty of tourists every year and also at night the party starts at beach bars and fire shows.

#2: Visit Bamboo Island and Monkey Beach

In a remote area, Bamboo Island is obviously less famous than Maya beach but it is still a beautiful place to visit, especially for couples. Natural scenes here will satisfy both your eyes and your soul with crystal clear water, colorful marine. And for those who have intention to go diving, make sure you see “Nemo” – the famous clownfish waiting for you under the water!

Diving at Koh Phi Phi
Monkey at the monkey beach

Another place worth seeing is Monkey Beach, where you find yourself in the middle of crawling monkeys finding food. Though, you cannot feed the monkey because that action is considered as disrupting the animal’s natural environment and you will receive a fine if you do that.

#3: Go snorkeling

This is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Koh Phi Phi. How great it is when you can immerse yourself in the water and discover the stunning marine life! You can have this unique experience on the Pileh Bay Lagoon, Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, and many other places of Koh Phi Phi. All these places can offer you an adventure of a lifetime with various kinds of fish to explore and you can even swim with dolphins! But that is not everything. A plankton snorkeling eco-tour will guide you to the most exciting light show held underwater where you get a chance to see the sparkling beauty of the sea at night.

We recommend this reasonably priced tour for your itinerary: Koh Phi Phi island day tour with different packages (snorkeling included)

#4: Go diving

There are so many places in Koh Phi Phi that you can choose to go diving in. Whether it is Bida Nok Island, the King Cruiser wreck between Phuket and Phi Phi, or Bida Nai Island, each place has its own way to offer you the best exploration. If it is the first time you have tried this exciting activity, Bida Nok is a good choice to enjoy scuba diving. Otherwise, Bida Nai is pretty famous for advanced divers.

Another place for diving in Phi Phi is Shark Point, where you can even swim with leopard sharks. Though these sharks are harmless, you shouldn’t go diving in Shark Point if you feel scared.

#5: Have a kayak tour

Kayak tour at Koh Phi Phi
Kayak tour at Koh Phi Phi

Renting a kayak and visiting several places by yourself without joining any tour is probably an interesting idea. The price for renting a kayak for a day is about 700 – 800 Baht and mostly can be rented at the resorts you stay in. Traveling by kayak is like exercising when you are traveling, so make sure that you bring water along and cover yourself with enough sunscreen to protect your skin!

#6: Enjoy the beach party

Party vibes in Phi Phi will make you feel stimulated with loud music, a good cocktail, and a shouting crowd getting excited when watching a fire show. Some popular bars in Koh Phi Phi with the most exciting parties are Slinky Bar, Apache Beach Club, and Sunflower Bar and Restaurant.

#7: Watch a Muay Thai fight

Come to Reggar Bar in the Tonsai village of Koh Phi Phi and experience an authentic Muay Thai fight is a thing you shouldn’t miss! Around 9 p.m there will be Muay Thai fights organized in the middle of the bar and you can join if you are interested in the prize for the winner. But don’t risk if you are drunk, getting in a fight with no preparation is not a great idea!

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3. What to eat in Koh Phi Phi?

The selection of food and drinks in Phi Phi is diversified, both Asian and European food are available. However, seafood is highly recommended. Restaurants in Phi Phi are very proud of their fresh catch of the day and customers are free to see them placed on ice before being cooked. Also, the unique flavor of pizza here is worth trying.  You should visit Ton Sai village – the center of Phi Phi dining universe, where you can find so many great restaurants with different kinds of food you might want.

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Koh Phi Phi, with turquoise water and stunning beaches, is a paradise everyone should visit once in a lifetime. Whether you come here alone or with family and friends, Phi Phi can offer you the best things you can imagine for a relaxing holiday.

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