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Getting A Visa For Thailand (2021 Updated)

by Mia N

Are you considering visiting Bangkok this holiday? If you are wondering how to get Bangkok visa or how to get to Bangkok from other areas in Thailand, this article for you.

1. How to get to Bangkok for foreigners

The first thing every foreigner must remember when going to Bangkok is to check whether you’re required to have a visa or not. Usually, if you travel to a foreign country as a tourist, it’s compulsory to have a visa on hand. When you visit Bangkok for the purpose of entertainment, sight-seeing or personal enlightenment, you are considered a tourist. As a result, you aren’t allowed to work or do doing any business in the host home country and you need a tourist visa to stay there for a period of 15 or 30 days.

How to get a Bangkok visa

When applying for a tourist visa in Bangkok, you have to submit some necessary documents and pay a fee. They can be changed at a time so you had better research carefully before flying off to Thailand. (check it at Thai embassy website).

Below are the required documents:

  • Passport or travel document valid not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form(you have to fill in this form before applying)
  • One 4x6cm photo of the applicant( taken not less than 6 months)
  • Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full)
  • Proof of financial means ( 20,000 baht/person, 40,000 baht/family)
  • Visa fees: $30 per entry (it can be changed over time)

You can apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in your country before entering Thailand. There are a number of certain countries who made agreements with Thai government so their citizens can enter Bangkok without a visa. Check out to see if you belong to one of those countries.

First-time to Bangkok? Read our thorough guide for your first trip to the capital of Thailand.

Common airlines to Bangkok

Today there are a lot of airlines providing e departures to Bangkok. Some common airlines are Bangkok Airways, ThaiAirways, AirAsia, VietJet Air, Thai Lion Air.

The last 3 are low-cost airlines, which provide passengers with flights at reasonable price to Bangkok throughout the year. Currently, AirAsia is the world’s best low-cost carrier whose flights are both cheap and well serviced. VietJet Air or Thai Lion Air are also good choices for budget travelers. Other airlines such as Thai Airways or national ones can provide good flights with better service, however, you will have to pay more.

Tips: you can compare prices of many airlines at Google flight, it’s a perfect tool to find yourself a good-value-for-money flight.

2. How to get to Bangkok from some famous areas in Thailand

If you’re getting to Bangkok by flights, check out for this guide on how to travel from Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airports.

#1: How to get to Bangkok from Phuket

The distance between Bangkok and Phuket is about 840km so there are several options to travel between the two destinations: you can go by bus, plane or train.


There is a major bus service in Phuket Bus Terminal to help you reach Bangkok. Traveling by bus is often a preferred choice for backpackers due to the stably low price. The average price of a bus ticket from Phuket to Bangkok ranges from 650 baht to 1030 baht depending on the bus types. Duration time is about 12 hours so it is advisable to book a night bus with a VIP24 coach and spacious seats so you can sleep through this long journey.
=> For the bus ticket, prebook at BusOnlineTicket to save your precious time at the counter.


Train is also a regular mean of transportation to travel between Phuket and Bangkok thanks to the cheap price and varied seat choices. A ticket costs from 650 to 1600 baht depending on your choosing first class or second class (children below 100cm and 3 years old are free of charge). Normally, it would take 16 hours to get to Bangkok, however, you can totally relax, having a sleep and walk on the train because there is more space (unlike buses). This is a good choice for travelers wishing to save a bit of money while being able to enjoy a new experience with the train system in Thailand.
=> You can now book tickets online at Thailandtrainticket.


This is perhaps the fastest and most convenient way to get to Bangkok. Flights from Phuket usually take off at Phuket Airport to Don Muang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport. The prices range from 950 baht to over 3500 baht in 1 hour and a half flying. The first departure starts at 6 am and the last one starts at midnight. Depending on which airlines you choose, there may be snacks or small meals in the middle of the flights. Honestly, the price for a flight is not very high compared to the time and convenience it brings. Therefire, it’s worth traveling by air especially for travelers who want to save time getting from Phuket to Bangkok.

#2: How to get to Bangkok from Chiang Mai

If you are in Chiang Mai, you also have 3 main choices to get to Bangkok: bus (tourist bus/deluxe/VIP bus), train and flying.


Most travelers end up with tourist buses, whose ticket price is from 350 baht to 650 baht, which is quite cheap they are quite cheap as the comfort and leg space are not of priorities. Normally it takes about 11 hours to reach Bangkok Bus Terminal. During the journey, be careful with the thefts or scammers as they might climb into the luggage hold and steal your things.
Some people may choose a deluxe or VIP buses for better service but in fact, these kinds of VIP buses offer a slightly better alternative to the backpacker “tourist” buses. Deluxe buses often include a meal or snack in a box and a small drink. The average price can be around 750 or more.

Tip: If you are allowed to choose the seat when booking bus tickets, pick the the front seats on the top deck of the bus as it has more leg and bag space than the others. Also, remember to be away from the screens to avoid the loud noise of it.


Going by train is another good choice for backpackers. Night trains are pretty comfortable for ones who want a new experience. If you choose a day train, you will have a chance to enjoy the nature outside along the route, which you can’t have by flying. Train tickets from Chiang Mai to Bangkok cost from 600 to 1680 baht for one adult and from 400 to 1360 baht for a child. As the travel duration is about 13 hours, this method of transportation is more suitable for solo travelers.

Remember: Train tickets are sold out quickly so you’d better book your seat at least 2 days before your departure.


If time is the priority, going by planes is a perfect choice. Direct flights only require about an hour in the air, as opposed to spending the whole night on a bus or train. Chiang Mai International Airport opens at 5 am until midnight and they provide frequent flights to Bangkok every day. The price ranges from 1850 baht to 4550 baht depending on the airlines you take. Nok Air and AirAsia are some of the low-cost airlines with good services.

#3: How to get to Bangkok from Pattaya

The distance from Pattaya to Bangkok is about 150km, not so far so taxis and buses are the two most popular transportations.


Taxis in Pattaya are available 24 hours so it’s possible to catch a taxi at your hotel, at the city center or anywhere in the streets. You can tell the hotels to arrange a taxi for you or do it on your own. However, let make sure the meter is turned or negotiate the price before jumping into a taxi. Normally the price is around 1600 baht or up to over 3000 baht depending on what kinds of cars you choose. The traveling time is quite the same as buses, sometimes faster. It’s best for groups of three or more to take a taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok because you will share the fares together.


Buses are always the first choice of travelers when getting to Bangkok from Pattaya. It is considerably cheaper than taxis as a ticket costs about 400 baht per person. There is a regular and frequent service between the two cities so you can find it easy to buy a ticket.
However, traveling by bus is not a door-to-door service so you’ll have to go to the bus station in Pattaya to catch one. If you are carrying a lot of luggage, bus is not a good idea as the journey time should be around 2 to 2.5 hours and sometimes there are a few stops in the middle. If you are going alone and want to save money on transportation, choose a bus.

In conclusion, it’s not very hard to get to Bangkok as there are plenty of services and vehicles available all the time. When traveling from abroad, pay attention to the visa and things needed before flying off. When traveling from another city in Thailand, consider choosing among different means of transportation for your best benefits and experience. Trains and buses take a long time but they can bring a totally new experience while taxis can be a number one choice for groups. In case you want to save time, go ahead and book a flight directly to Bangkok.

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