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5 Awesome Daegu Night Markets Korea 2021

by jemi

The “Squid Game” series on Netflix is hotter than ever. Have you ever planned to visit Korea? It would be a pity if you visit Korea without enjoying the Daegu night market – where tradition ​​and modernity are intertwined.

1. Travel Restrictions – Daegu Korea 2021

Daegu Korea travel guidelines vary regularly according to the current circumstances worldwide. To check whether or not you are allowed or restricted to travel Korea, you can check your status on Booking.com.

Here is quick guidance:

  • On your left hand, fill in where you travel from and where you travel to (Indonesia)
  • On your right hand, read the restriction (if any) carefully

Make sure you check Korea’s travel restrictions before planning if you want to visit Daegu.

Find out more about the travel bubble in Asia (policies mitigating travel restrictions)

2. About Daegu

Being South Korea’s third-largest city, Daegu is famous for its thriving population with rich history and culture as well as stunning mountains and temples. Visitors often hear about the sweltering summer with Dalgubeol Lantern Festival and crowded Daegu night market shopping streets or even a joke saying that the most beautiful women hail from this region.

Traveling in Daegu is a wonderful experience since this city is big enough for lots of interesting places to come and many activities to do, yet it doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed. However, one of the most attractive things about this city is the lively atmosphere of Daegu nightlife.

There are so many things to do in Daegu when the sun goes down, and on top of the things-to-do-in-Daegu list must be visiting some famous Daegu night markets, where the most exciting shopping experience happens.

3. Some night markets in Daegu for visitors

3.1: Seomun market

Seomun market
Seomun market

Seomun Market is the traditional street market in Daegu, South Korea, containing more than 4,000 shops. It’s also considered the biggest night market in Korea and one of the most popular local markets in Daegu. It has hundreds of shops and stalls selling all kinds of items such as handicrafts, textile, clothes, and all kinds of food.

The most well-known product here is fabric and textile. However, you can find many other goods that will make you want to buy without any thought. Especially, the food vendors are the ones that tempt you with amazing smells and tasty flavor. A variety of dishes ranging from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and many other kinds can satisfy any picky customers.

Some dishes worth trying are teokbokki – spicy rice cake, Tang Ho-lu – sugar syrup – coated strawberries and Yachae ttungttaeng samgyeopsal mari – grilled vegetable and pork belly. For new seasons, some of the food stalls will be changed and a new menu will be updated, so there’s always something new to try here. If you like to enjoy the bustling vibe of Korea’s market, you will definitely love this place. It is an ultimately night-hour snacks goldmine where it is too difficult to pick a couple of foods that you want to try for the night!

Going deeper inside, you can see there’s a stage where sometimes they perform the musical acts and a tent where you can eat in case there’s no room for you to sit in some food vendors.

  • Address: 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
  • Address in Korean: 대구 중구 큰장로 26길 45
  • Opening hour: Weekdays and Sunday: 19:30 – 24:00, Fridays and Saturday: 19:30 – 24:30

3.2: Chilseong market in Daegu

This market has been open since 1950 when people still sold self-produced products at the riverside. At first, trading activities only operated among surrounding citizens, but through time, this market has been developed into a place that attracts fishers and farmers from all over the country.

Chilseong market Daegu is at the center and surrounded by 5 other markets:

  • Daegu Fruits and Vegetable market
  • Samsung market
  • Apple market
  • Buk-mun market
  • Kyeongmyeong market.

This is a suitable place for those looking for agricultural products and is highly recommended inChilseong market Daegu for you to add to your grocery list to be apples high quality and reasonable price.

Chilseong market
Chilseong market Daegu 2021

When shopping in this market, don’t hesitate to ask for a small discount if you buy more than one product. Some shoppers will be glad to do so, but sometimes you might be refused. Crowded as it is, you still have a comfortable zone to park your vehicles which makes it easier to carry many things after shopping. Besides, transportation is also very easy since Chilseong market Daegu is near a subway station and a bus station as well.

  • Address: 177-3, Taepyeong-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea
  • Opening hour: 4:00 – 18:00

3.3: Chilseong Pocha Street (near Chilseong market Daegu)

“Pocha” means tented wagon, yet the eating style in Chilseong Pocha Street doesn’t always include wagons.

Reaching this place at about 18:00, you can see arrays of orange tents where you are served a variety of different yummy seafood. Must-try dishes here are seafood cooked in many ways, from grilling, steaming to seasoning or even raw dishes can be served. Another important drink along with seafood is Soju – a famous Korean kind of wine

  • Address: 207-1, Chilseongnam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
  • Address in Korean: 대구 북구 칠성남로 207-1
  • Opening hour: 18:00 – 3:00

3.4: Gyodong Dokkaebi Night Market

Since the time of the Korean war, Gyo – dong Dokkaebi Night Market had a history of trading U.S military supplies such as US military uniforms, American snacks, and many other imported groceries and military goods. Until today, there are still a few military stores remaining and some kinds of snacks sold in this market are imported goods, which you can purchase at a cheap price. Seasoned fish cake and squid-jeon are the two most-preferred snacks they offer.

At night, it is pretty easy for you to find some eye-catching food stalls. Some stalls sell common kinds of street food such as hot dogs, chicken feet, burgers or sushi. Some others sell unique dishes that you might have never seen before. Whatever it is, the flavor is really tasty and unforgettable. Unlike crowded food vendors in Seomun where you can’t find a place to seat and enjoy the food, in Gyo – dong Dokkaebi market, there are places behind the food stalls for you to enjoy your dishes comfortably.

This is like a smaller version of Seomun market. If you want to visit a night market but don’t want to be in the middle of a heavy crowd, Gyo – dong Dokkaebi Night Market is a perfect choice. Plus, finding the way to get there is no difficulty at all because the market is situated close to downtown.

  • Address: 68-1, Dongseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
  • Address in Korean: 대구 중구 동성로 68-1
  • Opening hour: 18:00 – 24:00 (On Saturday, there is a flea market opens from 18:00 to 21:00)

3.5: Yasi Golmok Street

“Yasi-Golmok”, which means the street of cute foxes, refers to the ladies. The reason for the name is that the street is arrayed with many shops selling fashionable clothes and items that attract young girls. Most of the items are sourced from Seoul Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets so that you can buy many trendy clothes at a low price. Moreover, not only does it known for fashion shops, but Yasi Golmok street is also a favorite spot for the city’s youth due to its surrounding bars, karaoke, pubs, and coffee shops.

One tip for Western visitors is that it is advisable for you to take notice of the sizes of the clothes since the size chart applied for tailoring those items is the Asian size chart.  

  • Address: Samdeok-dong Area, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
  • Opening hour: 09:00 – 24:00

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Shopping in Daegu is varied from groceries, agricultural products, snacks, street food to fashion clothes and unique design garments. Visiting Daegu, you will have a chance to explore some aspects of Korean local lifestyle reflected in their shopping habits. Moreover, it is interesting when you can wander around and taste all the delicious Korean street food at the same time and see the energetic vibe of Daegu nightlife. In our list are some of Daegu night markets worth visiting, so make your choices and hope you will have a relaxing shopping experience in Daegu!

Reference: globaldaegu.blogspot.com

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