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A Guide To The Coral Island in Pattaya (Updated 2021)

by jemi

Pattaya – the resort paradise of the country’s golden temple Thailand. Not only is this place famous for its entertainment activities, bustling shopping malls, cuisine street style but Pattaya also becomes more attractive with beautiful coral islands, white sand beaches, and coral island activities. Coral Island in Pattaya is a destination that tourists cannot ignore when visiting here.

Coral Island, also called Koh Larn, has a coastline of over 4.5 kilometers stretching from north to south. In addition, the island is covered with primary forest occupying more than 90% of the island which has extremely rich and diverse fauna and flora.

There are about a thousand inhabitants living in the main villages, some schools and small health facilities on the island. Coral Island is very rich in marine life, especially coral reefs. Big boats are not parked on the shore to protect the unique and rare coral reefs.


#1 By ferry:

The most popular way to get to Coral Island is by ferry since from Pattaya to Coral distance is not too much, only about 10 kilometers. Therefore, tourists can easily come here by ferry in the morning.

A ferry from Pattaya center city to Coral Island (Koh Larn) – Asiawander
A ferry from Pattaya center city to Coral Island (Koh Larn) – Asiawander

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 30 THB (one-way)
The schedule and fee might vary among Ferry boat branches, but when you get to the station, you will see the detailed schedule and fee and they almost have a similar schedule:

#2 By high-speed train:

Another fast-moving vehicle is a high-speed train. If you go with a group, you can share the prices with friends to save money and save time.

Duration: 20 minutes per trip
Rental fee: 1,500 – 3,000 THB

Alternatively, you can take a tour of Koh Larn from the pier to explore the island in the most comfortable way. In my opinion, you should book a day tour at your hotel because there are services on the island that the cost will be cheaper when going with the local people. Additionally, problems that occur unexpectedly are also solved easier if you follow the tour.  

There are two types of day trips from Pattaya City to Coral Island:
1. Tour not including games costs about 800 baht. Tourists can get a round-trip high-speed train transferring from mainland to the island, a lunch and an English tourist guide.
2. Full tour including games has the same services like tour not including games but additional fares of sea games such as Parachute, Sea Walker and Banana Boat. Tour prices range from 2000 baht.


Possessing a series of unspoiled, pristine beaches and natural wonders, Koh Larn Pattaya offers tourists a tropical paradise of sunshine and azure blue sea. There are 6 main beaches on Coral Island in Pattaya including Samea, Tawae, Tien, Nual, Tonglang and Sangwan with some smaller ones, of which the three most beautiful beaches are Tawaen, Nual and Tien.

#1 Twaen Beach

Twaen Beach is located in the north of Koh Larn with a length of 750 meters. Here is impressed by golden sand and clear blue waters. The beach is quite busy at all times because of a great number of tourists visiting every day. Lots of restaurants, souvenir shops as well as many activities are available. You can swim or participate in activities such as Banana Boat and Jet-ski.

#2 Tonglang Beach

Tonglang Beach is just only 200 meters long but Tonglang beach seems to be calm and tranquil. The area also has plenty of coral, which is suitable for swimming, scuba diving and sunbathing. Although Tonglang is not the best beach on Koh Larn Island, it is still worth experiencing water sports with tranquility.

Tonglang Beach with plenty of coral – Source: Pinterest

#3 Sangwan Beach

Sangwan Beach is a small beach next to Tawaen, the length just about 150 meters. The highlight of this beach is tranquility and privacy, attracting visitors with white sands and clear azure waters. The most ideal time to visit here is between December and April.

Sangwan Beach attracts visitors with white sands and clear azure waters. Source: Pinterest

#4 Tien Beach

Tien is one of the best beaches in Koh Larn Island with 500 meters long. This beach is the favorite destination of both indigenous people and tourists from many countries. Tien Beach is more picturesque than other beaches. It also has many recreational activities such as Banana Boat and Jet-ski. Moreover, Thai massage points are always available for you to enjoy.

#5 Samae Beach

Samae Beach, located on the west side of Koh Larn with 700 meters in length, offers tourists a hill with windmills and a solar power station. The particular area has a lot of restaurants and convenient stores along the coast. Samae is also a great place to enjoy sunrise and sunset on Coral Island.

Samae Beach – A great place to enjoy sunrise and sunset on Coral Island. Source: Pinterest

Finally, Nual Beach is located on the south of Koh Larn Pattaya Island measuring 250 meters in length. This beach attracts tourists by its lush green coconut trees and coral reefs for those who like scuba diving. Nual Beach is also known as Monkey Beach as there are many monkeys inhabiting the hillside.

To explore more other beautiful beaches in Pattaya, here are 4 BEST BEACH IN PATTAYA.


There are some ways helping you move on Koh Larn Island. You can choose motorbike, small bus (songthaew) or you can rent motorcycles for transferring on the island. If you choose a motorbike or a songthaew, you can go from the wharf or the hotel (if staying overnight) to other attractions.

If you want to be more active in moving, you can rent a motorbike and enjoy the atmosphere on the island by yourself. Actually, renting a car on Coral Island in Pattaya is not so expensive as in central Pattaya. You can ask the car rental owner to know the road to the famous beaches.

Know more about how to rent a motorbike, you can read also our article.


One thing you cannot definitely miss when visiting Coral Island is to join Coral Island activities. In addition to sunbath, swimming or walk to explore the pristine coastline, there are 5 Pattaya Coral Island activities that are the most popular and attractive as follows:

#1 Underwater Walk

Coral Island Pattaya underwater walk will be an unforgettable activity on your trip to Coral Island. This journey will take you down to the seafront with special diving helmets at 5 meters deep. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of being Captain Nemo and walk yourself to the great coral reefs of the blue waters on Koh Larn Island. This will be an amazing underwater walk to discover the beautiful coral reefs in the turquoise water that brings a comfortable and unique feeling.

#2 Scuba Diving

Tourists can dive into the clear blue waters of Koh Larn and admire the bright coral under the sun. Scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports in Pattaya Coral Island because the experience of snorkeling here is a great moment for any tourists. You can be amazed at the underwater coral scene like the aquarium.

#3 Semi-submersible submarine

Another way to contemplate the beauty of coral reefs on Koh Larn Island is that tourists can get a tour in a semi-submersible submarine. This experience will give you a great observation of the magical coral palace with lots of colorful marine species.  Furthermore, if you just see coral reefs at a near distance when sea walking or scuba diving, you can see more with a semi-submersible submarine as it can go offshore. The price is not much expensive for an underwater trip.

#4 Banana Boat

Besides discovering the underwater world on Koh Larn Island, tourists can experience Banana Boat. A Banana Boat ride is for pure fun with friends. A Banana Boat is a rubber boat in a banana shape about 3 meters long, which can hold up to ten people. However, do not expect you will be on the boat all the time because if you meet one “skillful” jet-ski driver, you might get thrown off several times during your ride. This activity is the funniest game on Coral Island, especially for a group of tourists.

#5 Parasailing

You will be able to conquer the vast sky and see panoramic views of Pattaya Bay by Parasailing. The game attracts quite many tourists who like adventure games. Parasailing offers tourists the experience of height as well as the unique feeling when flying on Coral Island.

Parasailing in Pattaya Thailand – Travel Pattaya with friends – Asiawander

Coral Island is not only famous for its beautiful coral reefs but it is also an ideal place for beach sports from conquering the sky with parasailing to discovering the underwater world with scuba diving. Undoubtedly, Coral Island activities will bring you the best experience.

    Koh Larn Island in Pattaya will be surely an exciting destination for you and your family. I hope Coral Island will bring you beautiful moments on your Pattaya vacation through this article.


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