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Best time to visit Cambodia: Weather by month

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The climate in Cambodia is hot and humid all year round, the average temperature is from 26.7 degrees Celsius. To determine the best time to visit Cambodia, you should also find out the specific weather of each month. Let’s explore Cambodia weather by month:

Sunrise at Angkor Wat Cambodia - Asiawander
Sunrise at Angkor Wat Cambodia – Asiawander


Cambodia’s peak tourist season, cool temperatures attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Visiting Cambodia at this time, you can take a walk along the banks of the Phnom Penh river or visit the Angkor Wat temple.

You should also pay attention to the price of airfares and hotels that double or triple compared to weekdays. To avoid crowds when going at this time, you can go to Sihanoukville beach or the quiet town of Kampot.


In February, Cambodia has a cool temperature, sometimes it rains at the end of the month, but it mainly rains at night. At this time, the number of tourists began to decrease, but the famous tourist destinations in Cambodia are always in a crowded state.


The ideal time to travel to Cambodia in March is to explore Cardamom mountain with majestic roads. You can also visit the town of Kampot to conquer the peak of Bokor mountain to enjoy the fresh air.

Traveling to Cambodia in March, you should also note that at the end of the month, sometimes there are last rains in the dry season.


What is the best season to travel to Cambodia? Visiting Cambodia in April, you will be able to participate in the traditional New Year festival of the people here. The temperature in April fluctuates around 40 degrees Celsius, which is quite hot, the ideal place that you should go to “escape from the heat” is Kirirom, about 50km from the center of Phnom Penh capital.

Coming to Kirirom, you will admire the vast green pine forests, cool temperature, and fresh climate. Visiting Cambodia in April is also the occasion when Khmer people welcome the new year, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the traditional New Year.


This is the ideal time to travel to Cambodia to attend major holidays such as King Sihamoni’s birthday, Royal Plowing Ceremony, International Labor Day, Remembrance Day… This time attracts a large number of tourists. If you want to avoid the crowd, you can go to Mondulkiri.


June is determined to be a cheap time to travel to Cambodia with high humidity, quite hot climate, and heavy rain in Kep, coastal Sihanoukville, and Mount Cardamom. June is also an ideal time for you to have a cheap trip, at this time the number of tourists has decreased significantly, so the price has cooled down.


The rainy season in Cambodia accompanied by big storms, tornadoes, and floods is not suitable for sightseeing.


The ideal time to travel to Cambodia to admire the lush natural scenery, romantic fast-flowing river. However, if you go at this time, you should bring a raincoat to avoid sudden rains that affect the trip.


Heavy rainfall causes flooding, so if you come to Cambodia at this time, you should explore the countryside, suitable for walking on Tonle Sap lake, mangroves, or floating villages.


Traveling to Cambodia in October, the dry season begins, which is suitable for admiring the beautiful and majestic waterfalls such as Rattanakiri and the beautiful Mondulkiri. In October in Cambodia, the Pchum Benh festival takes place with many interesting activities.


The most beautiful time to travel to Cambodia, at this time the temperature starts to decrease, cool, and attract a large number of tourists. At this time, you can visit the beautiful beaches and islands in Cambodia.


The most crowded time in Cambodia, little rain is suitable to explore Angkor Wat, or the Christmas festival is held at the church.

Best time to visit Cambodia?

Based on the above information, the dry season is considered the most beautiful and ideal time to travel to Cambodia. The dry season in Cambodia is divided into two sub-seasons: hot and cool sub-seasons.

The hot sub-season lasts from March to May: The weather is pleasant, the temperature rises about 35 – 40 degrees Celsius. Traveling to Cambodia at this time, you will be able to attend many traditional festivals and activities. unique cultural activities.

The cool sub-season starts from December to February next year: Cambodia has a strong northeast monsoon, so it has a very pleasant and cool climate. With a stable temperature background, little rain, it is suitable for sightseeing and fun activities in Cambodia.

After answering the best time to visit Cambodia, you should also prepare to bring clothes suitable for the weather. Traveling to Cambodia in the hot sub-season or the cool sub-season still has a high temperature, so you should bring sunscreen clothes, sunglasses, and hats. If you go to sacred places such as temples and palaces, you should dress modestly and politely. Besides, you should also bring sports shoes, flip flops or sandals with soft soles, sandals for convenient walking.

Hopefully, the above advice will help you answer your question about when is the best time to visit Cambodia.

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