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4 best Beaches In Pattaya (Updated 2021)

by Mia N

Pattaya used to be a small fishing village and now it has become a famous tourist destination all over the world. Pattaya is a tropical paradise with pristine nature, beautiful islands, and peaceful forest, especially beach in Pattaya is a wonderful place for your summer vacation.

Would you like to enjoy your vacation on a beautiful beach in Pattaya? So let’s leave the noisy city and bustling clubs to take a trip to Pattaya. This 4 must-go beach in Pattaya will provide you with useful information about best beach in Pattaya. Depends on your purposes, you can choose which one is the most suitable for you to go.

In general, Pattaya tourist place have been divided into 3 main areas: the North Pattaya, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya, so do the beach destinations. Let’s explore the beaches following the regions:


The North of Pattaya is a quiet area whose beach is quite peaceful and deserted. There are usually a few people in this area. Hence, a beach in the north of Pattaya which is suitable for those who want to have a relaxing holiday is Naklua Beach.

Naklua means “salt dump” in the local dialect. Naklua Beach, about 800 m long, is a small beach of Naklua Bay.

If you and your family want a peaceful place to avoid the bustle of life, Naklua Beach is the quietest beach in Pattaya because there are poetic and beautiful resorts, suitable for relaxation.  Despite not attracting too many visitors come here as other famous beaches, Naklua Beach is a good place for your holiday after a hard-working period and to enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquility.

When visiting here, you can also experience the feeling of sunrise and sunset on the beach. However, Naklua Beach is an area of muddy, so it is not very suitable for bathing but it is not clean enough to swim. In Naklua Beach, you will easily catch unique species of marine fish that you maybe have never seen before. In addition, you can play volleyball for fun, rent a boat to go fishing in the sea or get a massage service to relax.

The north of Pattaya is not famous for swimming beach but there are a lot of places you can go sightseeing and have joyful experience such as:


Central Pattaya is a bustling and noisy area that there are a great number of tourists visiting here around the year.  One of the most crowded destinations in the central Pattaya is Pattaya Beach.

Pattaya Beach is the main beach in Pattaya because it is located in the center of the city. This is one of the most beautiful beach road in Pattaya with crescent-shaped beach road about 3 km long. There are many local people as well as tourists coming here to bathe and relax every day.

Pattaya Beach - one of the most crowded destinations in the central Pattaya

Pattaya Beach during daytime or night is always beautiful due to the clear azure water, the blue sky, and cool breeze.  If you like quiet rest, the north of Pattaya Beach is perfect for swimming, relaxing. The sea water here is also very warm and pleasant. Moreover, you can take part in some water sports such as fishing, boating, surfing.

The southern part of Pattaya Beach welcomes tourists with a variety of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and entertainment centers. Therefore, it is not difficult for tourists to enjoy the specialties of Thailand such as tom yum, son tum, fresh seafood after swimming or playing water games.

Pattaya Beach at night - an ideal place for tourists to have a romantic trip

Pattaya Beach is also an ideal place for tourists to have a romantic trip with their loved ones. It is so romantic and wonderful for you and your family to enjoy a peaceful dinner on the poetic sandy beach and listen to the sound of waves at night.


#1 Koh Larn (Coral Island)

Koh Larn or Coral Island is about 7 km south of the central Pattaya coastline. It takes about 45 minutes to go by ferry and 15 minutes to go by high-speed train.

Koh Larn - Pattaya ferry boat ship

Possessing a series of unspoiled, pristine beaches and natural wonders, Koh Larn Pattaya offers tourists a tropical paradise of sunshine and azure blue sea. Perhaps, this beach is not only the most beautiful beach in Pattaya but it is also the best swimming beach in Pattaya that you cannot miss, especially during your summer vacation.

Koh Larn - the best beach for swimming in Pattaya
Koh Larn – the best beach for swimming in Pattaya

Koh Larn is much quieter than Pattaya Beach – a vibrant and crowded area. Therefore, Coral Island is a smart choice to avoid the hustle and bustle of Pattaya. Coming to Koh Larn, you will have the opportunity to swim in the fresh cool sea water or rest on the long sandy beach under comfortable sunlight.

Koh Larn is a place where beach activities in Pattaya become more exciting. Moreover, an activity that tourists cannot miss on Koh Larn is to dive into the ocean to see colorful coral reefs. You can join Sea Walking or Scuba diving to discover natural coral reefs here. If you do not want to dive, you can take a trip with a semi-submersible submarine to experience the magical coral palace with lots of colorful marine species because you can go far offshore. In addition, to discover the ocean, you can challenge yourself with sea sports such as Banana Boat, parasailing.

Koh Larn with various beach activities

The ultimate thing that you absolutely never miss when traveling Koh Larn is not only to enjoy the fresh seafood of this island but it also offers you many interesting surprises in the seafood processing in the way of Thai people.

#2 Jomtien Beach

Another famous in Pattaya is Jomtien Beach. Jomtien Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Pattaya with a coastline of more than 6 km. Moreover, Jomtien Beach is very large, located around the tip of Pattaya Bay so it is suitable for everyone to enjoy themselves in the air fun such as surfing, boat racing, and sea games.

Jomtien Beach - an attractive beaches in Pattaya with a coastline of more than 6 km
Jomtien Beach – an attractive beaches in Pattaya with a coastline of more than 6 km

There are also comfortable massage services right on the beach. Due to the fresh atmosphere, Pattaya Jomtien is the perfect place for those who want to relax, purify the mind and enjoy romantic sunsets with family or friends. Going to this beautiful beach in Pattaya, tourists can also check-in with family to memorize the moments on Jomtien Beach.

In order to bring tourists the most relaxing and convenient moments, there are many high-end luxury hotels with professional service quality on Jomtien Beach. Rabbit Resort and Avalon Beach Resort are the most famous resorts for foreign tourists.

Like many other beaches in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach is a paradise of seafood. Seafood restaurants are always available to welcome tourists coming to enjoy attractive meals. If you take your kids on your trip, Jomtien Beach is also famous for the Pattaya Park Tower – an amusement park for children.

Pattaya is not only known for the beautiful beaches with white sand but it is also famous for its wonderful islands like paradises. Hopefully, this article 4 must-go beach in Pattaya will be the perfect destinations during your journey to explore the beach and relax in Pattaya with your family and friends.


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