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3 days in Chiang Mai 2019: What to do?

by jemi

Chiang Mai is home to many temples, historical sites as well as fascinating art. Besides, it is also surrounded by the most beautiful countryside sceneries all around Thailand. You can explore Chiang Mai without worrying about time but just three days are enough for you to find and enjoy the beauty and attraction of this place called “Rose of the North”. Why don’t you experience 3 days in Chiang Mai with our suggested itinerary?

Some notes before traveling:

#1 The dry season in Chiang Mai starts from October to February, hot season lasts from February to June and wet season is from June until October. While the rain is pretty much in the wet season, the haze will make the temperature become more comfortable and pleasant for you. Additionally, this is the countryside so plants are all green and nice.


#2 The easiest way to move around Chiang Mai is by bike. There are many places at which you can rent a bike/bicycle to go through the city. The second way is going by tuk-tuk or songthaew, but you should make sure that you bargained a fully good price with drivers before departure.


#3 When visiting pagodas and temples in Chiang Mai, you’d better dress discreetly and appropriately as well as take off your shoes before entering inside. You also should not use your feet pointing toward the altars inside that

1. Traveling schedule in Chiang Mai – Day 1

#1 Wat Pra Singh

The expected time spent here: from 1 to 2 hours
Location: Singharat Road, Pra Sing Subdistrict , Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Pra Singh - amazing works of Buddhism and ancient Lanna architecture 2019
Wat Pra Singh – amazing works of Buddhism and ancient Lanna architecture 2019

Wat Pra Singh is also one of the temples that you should not ignore. Here you can admire the works of Buddhism and ancient Lanna architecture. Way Pra Singh is at the right end of Ratchadamnoen Road. The campus of the temple is open to everyone from sunrise till sunset.

#2 Wat Chedi Luang

The expected time spent here: less than 1 hour
Location: 103 Phra Pok Klao Road, Phra Singh, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand.

Wat Chedi Luang - 600 years old temple with an amazing view 2019

Wat Chedi Luang is one of the most must-visit temples in your Chiang Mia travel schedule. It was named like that because there is a huge brick temple tower located in the temple area. This tower will make you an amazing view. Having been built about 600 years ago, Wat Chedi Luang is particularly impressive at night when it is lit up which highlight the architecture of this place.

You will find Wat Chedi Luang in the intersection of Pra Pokklao and Ratchamanka. This place has a very convenient location which is situated near my guest houses and restaurants in Chiang Mai.

The center location of the temple is close to the Sunday Night Market. That means you can easily come back here later and have a look at it a little at night.

#3 Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School

The expected time spent here: more than 3 hours
Address: 47/2 Moon Muang Road (opposite Tha Phae Gate), Chiang Mia 50200, Thailand

Chiang Mai is an ideal destination for you to learn how to cook delicious Thai dishes. Hence, if you are in the city for one day, this is a good opportunity to learn about Thai cuisine. The school is owned and run by “Master Chef” Sompon Nabnian so people here only use the freshest ingredients. They will show you how to prepare skilled food, and then how to mix them properly to achieve perfect results.

#4 Sunday Walking Street Night Market – Tha Phae Gate

The expected time spent here: from 1 to 2 hours
Location: Rajdamnoen (near Tha Phae Gate), Thailandv

If you have a passion for shopping, you should go shopping at one of 3 days in Chiang Mai because there is a night market on Saturdays opening from evening until midnight. The night market on Sunday starts from Tha Phae Gate and stretches for about 1 km along Ratchadamnoen Road. The market is a place of hustle but interesting where the stalls trade all items from clothes, jewelry, accessories to works of art, local handicrafts and so on.

Furthermore, this street market is also a great spot to have dinner with a wide choice of Thai food.

2. Traveling schedule in Chiang Mai – Day 2

#1 Warorot Market (Kad Luang)

The expected time spent here: from 1 to 2 hours
Location: between Thapae Road and Chang Moi, in the north of the Nawarat bridge and the west side of the Ping River, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Warorot Market in Chiangmai - a destination to enjoy ready-to-eat meals, local snacks 2019

Warorot Market’s location is near the bank of river in the end of Chang Moi at the north of Night Bazaar.

Starting your second day in Chiang Mai is by going to Warorot Market like native people usually do. This market has total of 3 floors which is an ideal place to fill the belly with local food. You can choose between a Thai style breakfast and enjoying food after take a walk around market. A part of market is dedicated to stalls which cook for you right there without advance preparation, then add the spicy flavors to create a different experience.

#2 Mae Sa Waterfall

The expected time spent here: from 2 to 3 hours
Address: Km 7 on Mae Rim-Samoeng Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Opening hours: 9:00 – 16:00 daily

Mae Sa Waterfall for whom loves adventures in Chiang Mai Thailand 2019

Mae Sa waterfall is actually a chain of waterfalls divided into 8 floors. You will definitely have many funand beautiful photos with friends when taking a trip to this place. Mae Sa waterfall is also an excellent climbing place that anyone who loves adventure cannot ignore. Moreover, you can go camping in the middle of this beautiful natural scenery.

Mae Sa waterfall is located in Doi Suthep National Park; therefore, you will have to pay a fee to get into this park (the prices of ticket differ between Thai people and foreigners)

#3 Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

The expected time spent here: from 1 to 2 hours
Location: District Muaeng Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep, Thailand

Phra That Doi Suthep - One of the most respected Buddhist temples in Thailand 2019

Visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep soon and do not forget to bring your camera. Sunrise here really make people all have overwhelmed

With 3 days in Chiang Mai, you will be regret if you miss one of the most important temples in Chiang Mai.
Located on the top of a high hill, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is one of the most respected Buddhist temples on the whole of the region of northern Thailand. Here, there is a sparkling golden temple tower which brings to you spectacular views of the city. If you do not want to climb on hundreds of steps to get there, you can take a cable car from the ground.

#4 David’s Kitchen

The expected time spent here: from 2 to 3 hours
Address: 113 Bumrungrad Road, Wat Kate Subdistrict, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Opening hours: 17:00 – 22:00 from Monday to Saturday

With lots of delicious food, exceptional service, along with many quality wines in the relaxing atmosphere, David’s Kitchen is a great restaurant to have a comfortable Thai meal

David’s kitchen is located in the outskirts so it is convenient for you to call a driver to pick you up when you book a table here.

3. Traveling schedule in Chiang Mai – Day 3

#1 Doi Inthanon

The expected time spent here: more than 3 hours
Location: 119 Moo 7, Ban Luang Subdistrict, Doi Inthanon National Park 50160, Thailand

Twin Pagodas in Doi Inthanon Park 2019

When in Chiang Mai, perhaps you cannot ignore the beautiful scene of nature here. Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand, and it is also the national park which contains truly wonderful view to fascinating people. The park has trails to climb the mountain, waterfalls and 2 impressive temples. This is often tourists’ popular choice of day trip from Chiang Mai, which offers you the cool fresh atmosphere running away from the heat of the city.

The best way to visit Doi Inthanon is by taxi or you can register to participate in the organized tour. In Doi Inthanon National Park, it is cooler than in the city so you can bring coats in order not to get cold.

#2 Elephant Nature Park

The expected time spent here: more than 3 hours
In addition to this park, you can visit some other elephant conversation areas

Instead of simply jumping onto an elephant’s back like many other people, why don’t you try visiting a special place dedicated to the care and conversation of elephants? If you are a fan of these huge gentleness creatures, you will be pleasant to hear that Elephant National Park is real home to many elephants. On the day you are here, you will also be told about exciting stories of elephants before getting the chance to feed them and shower for them.

#3 Green Bamboo Massages

The expected time spent here: from 1 to 2 hours
Address: No.1 Moon Muang Road, Soi 1, Chiang Mia 50200, Thailand
Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00 daily

It will be regrettable if you do not pamper yourself by enjoying a classic Thai massage session. Here, there are many places around to do it but Green Bamboo not only works with an extremely warm friendly atmosphere but it also mainly focuses on the Lanna Thai-style treatment. Hope with the last day of 3 days in Chiang Mai trip, you can relax totally after long time going around.

#4 Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The expected time spent here: from 2 to 3 hours
Location: 104-1 Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Chiangmai Night Bazaar - “Mother of the flea market”
Chiangmai Night Bazaar – “Mother of the flea market”

Night Bazaar is considered as a “ritual” of the visitors to Chiang Mai. Located right in the heart of the city, the Night Bazaar is a great place to have fun after sunset. This place is quite busy, however, it is also quiet compared with other markets in Thailand. You will find a wide variety of popular souvenirs for tourists here together with a few surprises along the way of this market.

You should walk around some stalls on the road from the market after dinner.

4. Traveling schedule in Chiang Mai – some other destinations

#1 Loy Krathong and Yi Peng (Lantern Festival):


Set your lantern fly at Yee Peng Lantern Festival Chiang Mai - Asiagofun
Set your lantern fly at Yee Peng Lantern Festival Chiang Mai – Asiagofun

You can resever tickets to participate in the most famous festival in the world at Chiang Mai Festival Park if going in November. Two popular choices currently:

  • Lantern Festival at Cowboy Army Riding Club Chiang Mai
  • Lanterm Festival at Chiang Mai Festival Park, San Sai

Read more about Loy Krathong tips for your trip before you go:


#2 Adventure games:

You can join zipline, swing forest or waterfall game in green forests in Chiang Mai

  • Zipline and Bungy Jump
  • Phoenix Adventure Park Chiang Mai
  • Eagle Track Zipline Maerim Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai Bungy Jump
  • Sliding waterfall Chiang Mai
  • Elephant riding and rafting tour on the river (Bamboo Rafting) in Chiang Dao
  • Jungle Trek and White Water Rafting Tour
  • White Water Rafting Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai White Water Rafting driving terrain ATV
  • Chiang Mai White Water Rafting at Mae Tang River

#3: Khantoke-style dinner:

You will enjoy a traditional meal of Northern Thailand with many tasty dishes in a warm atmosphere of ethnic dance from different region

  • Khantoke-style dinner at Khum Khantoke Chiang Mai
  • Khantoke-style dinner at Sibsongpanna Khantoke Chiang Mai
  • Khantoke-style dinner at Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

    A delicious healthy meal dinner together with friends and family and walking around the city will be unforgettable memories in 3 days in Chiang Mai. If you are not ready to finish, night clubs in Chiang Mai are not bad choices for you. Hope you will have a trip with many fun in “Rose of the North”.

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